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Kilian Roth 2018 Bike Check

Eclat PRO Kilian Roth is the definition of the “silent shredder”. You won’t see him for a while, and then BAM he’ll hit you with one of the most savage video parts you’ve seen for a long time. Kilian just got honored with a signature frame colorway from the boys over at Cult and built up a fresh whip featuring a ton of our new 2018 parts to celebrate. Check out a full list of what Kilian is running below, some words form his side, as well as his incredible new frame promo which will leave your jaw on the floor…

Photos by Fabian Bader

“I’m really stoked to be running my signature frame colorway from Cult. I also decided to switch things up a bit and threw on a set of Jordan Godwin’s signature Chocolate Bars and the new cold-forged Onyx Stem in the 25.4mm OVERSIZE setup. The bars feel great and a super nice size and the oversize clamping is super solid, especially for when doing bigger stuff. Everything feels super sweet right now, I couldn’t ask for a better bike. Big thanks to Cult, Eclat, Vans and the People’s Store.”

Frame: Cult Shorty 20.75″ – Kilian Signature Colourway

Forks: ECLAT Storm Fork – 25mm Offset

Bars: ECLAT Chocolate Bar – 25.4mm Clamping

Grips: ECLAT Pulsar ODI made grips

Stem: ECLAT ONYX Cold Forged – 25.4mm Clamping

Headset: Cult Tall

Seat: Cult Further Pivotal

Post: ECLAT Torch 200mm

Cranks: ECLAT Spire 170mm

Pedals: ECLAT Seeker Pedals

Sprocket: ECLAT AK Guard 25t

Rims: ECLAT Polar Rims

Front Hub: ECLAT Cortex with Nylon guards

Rear Hub: ECLAT Cortex Freecoaster with OVERGUARD

Pegs: ECLAT Venom Peg 4.5”

Tires: Cult Vans 2.35″

Chain: Cult 410

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