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No Sleep Till Kobe WATCH NOW


What are you waiting for…hit the link!

2 weeks ago • COMMENTS • 1,476 views

The Mavericks Feat. Anthony Perrin

Anthony Perrin takes the Mav’s for a spin, hitting em hard on crank arms to test the overall strength. Need more info hit up the specs.

3 weeks ago • COMMENTS • 415 views

Seat Collection & Some Stevie Clips

Stevie Churchill lays down a few clips and we explain why our BMX seats are worth sticking on top of your seat post. (more…)

1 month ago • COMMENTS • 541 views

Part Focus: Onyx + Channel


Every now and again we sit here working and think about what we’ve designed and engineered, then we take some photos and then we show you. On most occasions we have no real reason yet to show these parts off – thats honesty for you. (more…)

2 months ago • COMMENTS • 763 views

Stevie Churchill Edit

You should watch this now. Then go watch it again and try figure out some of those line combos…

2 months ago • COMMENTS • 876 views

We can help you stop.


Did you know brakes were invented 4000 years ago when a man dropped his can of fanta under his donkey and the donkey abruptly stopped in its tracks. That fact is 147% true. (more…)

3 months ago • COMMENTS • 1,077 views

Eclat Defence Systems


Pegs are pretty much the greatest thing to happen to BMX. If it’s true that there origins lie in flatland then fair game to those guys, you invented a novelty pair of bicycle step ladders and we grinded the beef out of them. Of course everything evolved and all of a sudden were grinding the beef out of plastic /nylon pegs and we even have guards to protect our hubs, crazy isn’t it. (more…)

3 months ago • COMMENTS • 1,338 views

ECLATX – The Video

The crew have been out in Texas doing what they do, don’t really need any words, just sit down and watch Stevie Churchill, Sean Burns, Geoff Slattery, Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco and Dan Coller do what they do best. Shout out to Devon Hutchins for filming and editing this.

3 months ago • COMMENTS • 2,748 views

The Channel Sprocket

The Channel sprocket from Eclat is perfectly CNC machined in every nook and cranny to give it that dialled in aesthetic look. (more…)

3 months ago • COMMENTS • 705 views