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Introducing: The Cortex Front Hub

NEW for 2017 is the Cortex front hub. A continuation of our much loved Cortex freecoaster. The front Cortex hub was designed to be a no-nonsense front hub – built to grind, and ready for anything you want to throw at it. (more…)

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Dan Coller Pro

Dan is one of the single most productive guys on the team, he rides with no fear and never seems to hold any negative thoughts towards any aspect of riding which is a real rare trait. Dan’s made the all important jump to the pro team and we couldn’t be happier. 2017 is about to get real heavy. Thanks to ride, Jake Petrujek and Dan for getting all this dialled in.

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Welcome To Pro Kilian Roth

Everyone has their time, Kilian had to wait for his and battle the demons of a horrific ACL injury in Seville in 2015. It’s great to have him back though and proud to add him to the pro team. This video is pretty unreal. Shout out to Fabien Bader for filming and shout to Cult for being a dope sponsor.

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Available now – The Pulsar Grip

Our NEW Pulsar Grips are arriving at distributors now and across the next few weeks.

The Pulsar grip is the end result of our quest for the “perfect” grip. This flangeless mushroom style grip is made in the USA by ODI grips using their super soft rubber compound which combined with our specially designed rib profile, makes for our longest lasting, and arguably best-feeling grips to date.

The Pulsar grip is available now in Black, Red, Gum, Purple and Army Green and includes our new USA made eclat nylon barends.

Go hit up your local BMX shop or mailorder now to make sure you get your hands on these before they fly out! (more…)

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Introducing: The Bios Seat


NEW for 2017 is the Bios seat range. A new line of saddles which combine classic, proven Tripod or Pivotal seat bases, with our latest designs, resulting in a seat that not only rides great, but is also more friendly on your wallet than you’d think. (more…)

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2017 Products now available

The drive to progress and innovate is something that never slows down for éclat. We continually believe in taking a step back, looking at the bikes we ride and trying to work out how we can modify, change, or even just totally re-think even the smallest component into something that’s even better than before.

The 2017 line brings some exciting new products into the fold, taking our product range to a whole new level. We can’t wait to introduce you to the successes and breakthroughs we’ve made over the past year.

All of our 2017 products are available NOW from your local shop or mailorder, and you can see them in all their glory here.

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Introducing: The Seeker Pedal


In a sport driven by creativity and free thinking, we understand that different riders have vastly different needs and tastes. Part of what drives us as a BMX brand is to offer a diverse range of parts that caters to every need possible. Pedals are one of the most overlooked components on a bike.

One of the few parts which actually connects the rider to the bicycle, to most riders, having the perfect feeling pedal is somewhat of a necessity if they are to make the bike feel like theirs.

The Seeker Pedal was born out of the request from some of the guys on the team like Devon Smillie and Shane Weston who wanted a pedal with a larger platform than most, but with a slightly thinner profile.


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U.K Distribution Change


As of November 1st 2016, we have moved our UK distribution operations for Éclat BMX from Cycling Sports Group UK to Snap Distribution. (more…)

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Introducing: The 25.4mm Strangler Bar and Slattery Stem


Ever on the quest to improve and innovate our product line, fresh for the 2017 season we are beyond excited to introduce our new Strangler 4pc handlebar. The Strangler bar is our first bar to utilize the new 25.4mm oversize clamping system, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable handlebar that is much stronger than anything else before it. (more…)

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