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Dan Coller Bike Check

What better way to finish off an epic trip than to build up a fresh tasty new whip? As our Austin trip draws to a close, Eclat PRO and handrail murderer Dan Coller just built up a brand new bike featuring all of our new 2018 products like the ONYX Stem, Camber Rims and Mirage Tires, as well as a sample of his signature frame from Kink.

Take a closer look at Dan’s brand new grind machine here, and pay close attention to those 4.8″ Venom Peg samples…

“This is the first time that I can remember building up a 100% completely fresh bike and it feels great. I’m testing out a sample of my signature frame from Kink and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Along with that, I’m riding the new Onyx stem which is a continuation of my favorite stem of all time, the Eclat Mercury Stem. A short reach and a tall stem that looks simple and solid makes it a staple for my bike. I can’t see myself changing that up for a long time.

Besides the new stem, both the Venom Pegs and Mirage Tires are parts I can’t go without. There are no pegs that even compare to the material and feel of the Venom Pegs and they can outlast any other plastic peg by miles. I’ve also never ridden tires like the Mirages that are so grippy and light at the same time. Couldn’t be happier with my current set up!” (more…)

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We don’t know about you guys but this summer has been exhausting. Time for our family vacation.

Search #eclatsocialites for updates from the crew.

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Available Now – Army Green Venom Pegs

Your favorite rider’s favorite peg, the Venom Peg is available now in Army Green to match all of our other Army Green grips, tires and pedals. (more…)

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Available Now – The Fireball Tire

A tire which has gained worldwide popularity amongst all kinds of riders, and a favorite of many of the team, our legendary Fireball Tire is now back in stock worldwide at your local shop. (more…)

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Welcome Ty Morrow

One thing we are very proud of is our team, we always wanted to build a progressive and heavy squad that would fit well, travel together and be excited to ride our collection of products.

Ty Morrrow is one of the heaviest of the heavies and today we are honoured to announce him as an éclat rider and to add him to an already stacked team of some of the finest BMX riders on the planet – whom we are all proud to call our friends.

Ty is already hard at work stacking clips for his first éclat project which you can expect to see grace your screens in the very near future…

Photos and video by Calvin Kosovich.

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AK, Kilian Roth and Devon Smillie destroy the incredible streets of Seoul for the lens of Zack Krejmas. Massive thanks to everyone at 4130 Bike Co in Seoul for all the help in making this amazing trip a reality.

Photo Eisa Bakos/Endless Mag

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Available Now – The Tube Amp Inner Tube Kit

Today we are stoked to announce that our new TUBE AMP inner tube kits are now available from Eclat dealers worldwide.

When it came down to offering something as simple as an inner tube, we didn’t want to re-invent what crucially has to be the most compatible part on a bicycle. We took a look at ways we could improve upon the majority of tubes on the market, and at the same time – offer ours for an affordable and economic price.

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Robin Bourhis Whip Check

French connect Robin Bourhis was recently in the fine streets of Paris working on an upcoming project with our friends at Frenchy’s Distribution. Robin just built up a fresh whip built around a Wethepeople AWAKE frame and kitted out in all of our latest parts including the 25.4mm Strangler 4pc bars and Bruno Hoffman’s signature Predator Tires. Take a closer look at Robin’s whip right here. (more…)

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A Closer Look – The Pulsar Grip

These have been flying off the shelves since we released them earlier this year. Whilst many grips sacrifice comfort for durability, the all new Pulsar Grip is a grip of no compromises. We took ODI Grips propriety “Super Soft” rubber compound that we’ve always been a fan of, and applied it to a longer flangeless grip with our specially designed rib profile, making it our best feeling and longest lasting grip yet. (more…)

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