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Eclat Defence Systems


Pegs are pretty much the greatest thing to happen to BMX. If it’s true that there origins lie in flatland then fair game to those guys, you invented a novelty pair of bicycle step ladders and we grinded the beef out of them. Of course everything evolved and all of a sudden were grinding the beef out of plastic /nylon pegs and we even have guards to protect our hubs, crazy isn’t it. (more…)

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Shane Weston Bike Check

Another hero of the team and probably the funniest dude to travel with ever. Shane Weston chose to get all pastel blue with his recent Fly set up. Check the photos taken by Andrew White of his current set up!

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Bike Check Geoff Slattery


Geoff Slattery fits like a glove onto any team trip, easy to get on with, available for any sports fixtures and rides every day with or without a hang over. Heres some photos Andrew White shot of Geoffs parts, Geoff not only rides for Eclat PRO but also United, Etnies and Markit..  (more…)

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Shane Weston / Bike Check


Shane was kind enough to put down a donut or two and let us take a closer look at his current set up. (more…)

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Vent Sprocket Guard *Preview*


On the booth this year at Inter bike 2013 is a 25 tooth sprocket guard using the popular vent 3 spoke shape and design. If you go in heavy on the crank/BB area might be worth giving them a shot. (more…)

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Anthony Perrin Advert

Anthony Perrin Hong Kong

Anthony Perrin may not ride for our Pro team but he is fast becoming another ‘one to watch’. He’s young and loves to ride and isn’t afraid to go big. Our latest print advert in the albion features him hopping this access ramp in Hong Kong shot by Steve Bancroft. If you want to see the clip… watch this!

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5 Minutes with Sebi


Sebastian Anton is what you might call an up and coming rider within the German scene. Which ever way you want to describe him hes one of our flow dudes and he reps hard. We caught up with him for 5 minutes and asked whats up. (more…)

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Tocco Seat Ad


Printed on the finest quality paper that a BMX rider can not buy. Darryl Tocco and his signature eclat seat. Made from pure thunder. Shot by Harley Hasket.

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That’s a wrap


The tour is over, the riders have flown home and the rain has come to Hong Kong. Thankfully it didn’t bother us for the last 10 days. What can I say about this tour, it was wild, as expected, it was exciting and it was a one we wont ever forget. If you havent been to Hong Kong then I would advise you to go, the street is insane, the spots are endless and if you can with stand the security then its worth it, as we proved. Hong Kong has a lot of rules, which may explain why so many of the spots we hit hadn’t really been touched before. (more…)

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