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Welcome to the family Jason Eustathiou

The family grows one stronger today as Greek street technician Jason Eustathiou joins the Eclat AM team through RideOn BMX. Peep your eyes on this banger of a video shot during the past year throughout Europe. Jason is one of the most progressive street riders out there right now and we are over the moon to have him part of the squad. Look out for more from Jason in the very near future…

Filmed & edited by Ronnie Skevis

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Eclat Mercury Stem – Featuring Kilian Roth

A true work of art. The Mercury Stem is new for 2015 and is keeping the bars firmly in place for a lot of dudes on the team including Kilian Roth. Using cold forging rather than CNC machining, we were able to make an incredibly strong and unique looking high-rise top load stem that wont leave your wallet too empty either.

The Mercury is one sturdy unit that is designed for a higher bar position and is built to last.

Check out Kilian putting the Mercury Stem to work on a recent trip to Frankfurt.

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Eclat Venom Peg – Featuring Bruno Hoffmann

Based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system, our aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. Using a slim crmo inner peg wrapped in a super thick sleeve of our specially developed (for the Team Peg) hardwearing nylon/fibreglass compound, when testing the prototypes we saw the sleeves going beyond 6 months of hard riding. If you’re looking for the strongest and most hardwearing plastic pegs, you’ve found them.

The Venom Peg is available now in 4″ and a longer 4.5″ version for those of you who want the extra length. The crmo core is so durable that you will only need to replace the sleeves (available separately) once they wear through, making the Venom’s some of the most cost effective pegs on the market. With almost the whole PRO team using the Venoms as their grind sticks of choice, what more do we have to say? These things rule.

Find out more about the Venom pegs HERE. (more…)

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Stevie Churchill Whip Check


We’re currently out in Chile with the crew and in between spot hunting and avoiding the riots,we thought we’d sit down with Stevie and take a look at his current setup. Stevie runs a full arsenal of our finest parts including the Venom Pegs, Maverick Cranks and the Polar Rims as well as his signature Fireball Tire in Forest Green and the new Stevie Fork. Here’s what Stevie is running on right now. (more…)

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Dillon Lloyd Bike Check


Dillon has been on fire recently. After a few weeks back home in Montreal, he’s about to head back out to California for the Summer so expect some big things on the horizon. Dillon just freshened up his bike with some new Eclat goodness to go along with his prototype signature BUCK frame and bar from WeThePeople, check it out here…


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Bruno and the Filter Grip


A grip on a BMX bike is as essential as a root on a tree, a cog in a clock or a wire in a lamp. However it’s often overlooked, due to its quick changeability in todays riders. If you take a long hard look at BMX parts over the years its not hard to see what parts have developed and evolved over time and what has relatively stayed the same. Grips are the kings of historic resilience; their adaption to drastic transformation never really came and in a sense we as riders buy grips because they feel and look nice. At éclat we are realists, we know when we want to completely revolutionise a product and we know when its just not needed. With grips we feel it’s all about simplicity and building a symmetrical design that feels good underneath your palms from the get go. Last year we heavily researched into different materials and compounds and developed the VEX rubber material. Now our grips last and last and last. Our newest grip is the Filter grip and it was Bruno Hoffmann’s first choice when he built up his new bike.


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Bike Check Geoff Slattery


Geoff Slattery fits like a glove onto any team trip, easy to get on with, available for any sports fixtures and rides every day with or without a hang over. Heres some photos Andrew White shot of Geoffs parts, Geoff not only rides for Eclat PRO but also United, Etnies and Markit..  (more…)

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Nathan X Stevie Poster


Interbike has all but gone, if you managed to make it then you might have grabbed some of our collectors posters featuring Nathan and Stevie. (more…)

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香港王 Kings Of Kong


“Even as I paid for the tickets I realised this was going to be a huge gamble, we had to trust the fact that Hong Kong is a massive city, and if the architecture touches the clouds then there must be shit to ride. We just had to find it.”
– Eclat TM Paul Robinson

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