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Dan Coller for Eclat/Kink

Dan kills rail… there’s no denying that. Doing it for Eclat and Kink we invite you to sit back, grab a refreshing beverage, put your feet up and have your mind blown for the next 2mins and 46 seconds. Destroying spots from all the way from Rochester to Albany and San Diego.


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ECLATX – The Video

The crew have been out in Texas doing what they do, don’t really need any words, just sit down and watch Stevie Churchill, Sean Burns, Geoff Slattery, Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco and Dan Coller do what they do best. Shout out to Devon Hutchins for filming and editing this.

10 months ago • COMMENTS • 4,039 views

Kolibri Hub Video

The Kolibri hub, one of the fastest rolling hubs on the market. See more of our hubs here.

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Phil Demattia – New Boneyard Edit

1 year ago • COMMENTS • 311 views

Geoff Slattery Natives

Part 5 of the Éclat Natives series with Geoff Slattery. In March 2013 we set about filming and directing a six part series focusing on six individuals called Natives… (more…)

1 year ago • COMMENTS • 967 views

RWND: Free & Sleazy

Rewind back to January 2012, we started a year long video project called the free and sleazy project. The tour started in Cali and ended up in Germany, along the way we stopped in China, France and England and came away with a half hour long video and some amazing memories. If you ever want to travel the world then start to ride a BMX, it can take you all over.

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Dillon Lloyd Beast Mode

Dillon is a beast, he just got over a recent bad crash ending in a bad injury and its safe to say he’s back on it. Filmed by Vladmir

1 year ago • COMMENTS • 1,404 views

Stevie Dripping Wet

More Stevie to wet your…err..shirt.

1 year ago • COMMENTS • 722 views

Sean Burns Tests The New Maverick Cranks

The Maverick cranks are made from 7000 Alloy, they are 170mm and they have no welds. Find out more from Chester Blacksmith and check out the unusual methods of testing from Sean Burns.

1 year ago • COMMENTS • 1,186 views