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Free & Sleazy Full Version

In 2012 we visited three completely different parts of the world to make a free DVD. The idea was to bring together different riding styles and different cultures and make a video that was as interesting as the riders involved in it.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 964 views

Alicante / Phil Demattia

Phil Demattia was also one of the lucky ones to get on a plane at the start of the year and fly to somewhere hot. Heres a sick little edit Will Evans made of their time there.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,665 views

Fresh Slatts

Good to see some fresh Geoff Slatts footage, style turned up to 11 here. Geoff has been busy working on his markit part I should add, looking forward to that.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 798 views

Perrin / Vans PRO

The kid is seriously good, what can we say. Congrats buddy!

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,183 views

Nathan at Franklin Park

Nathan Williams and friends at Franklin park, including a guest clip from Shane Weston

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 724 views

Dillon Lloyd Pro-Motion

Dillon Lloyd has been getting flow from us for a while and has always had continued help from our Canadian distro Ten Pack. Hes been working hard and everyone knows, so we thought, hey it’s christmas. Lets bump him up and give him a pro-motion. Heres to Dillon! Welcome to the team!

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,046 views

Ashley Print Ad

As seen in digbmx this is another print advert from the #freeandsleazy series featuring Ashley Charles. This was his first trip back on the BMX after a horrendous year on the bench with 2 ACL fix ups. It was great to see him taking things easy and doing what he does so effortlessly. Photo by Andrew White.

If you havent yet, then check out to see this toboggan clip amongst others.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,105 views

Welcome Anthony Perrin

As the french would say, Le Badass. Anthony Perrin joins the ever growing army of eclat riders. Thanks to BMX AVENUE and FRENCHYS.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,885 views

Shane Weston frame promo

Shane Weston, as always, pushing that new style! Nice one flybikes.

2 years ago • COMMENTS • 1,287 views