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香港王 Kings Of Kong


“Even as I paid for the tickets I realised this was going to be a huge gamble, we had to trust the fact that Hong Kong is a massive city, and if the architecture touches the clouds then there must be shit to ride. We just had to find it.”
– Eclat TM Paul Robinson

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Dillon Layover

Dillon Lloyd had a little layover in Vancouver before making it to Hong Kong, here he is riding with what Ic an only imagine is a pretty brutal hangover. (more…)

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Natives Part 2: Nathan Williams

Part 2 featuring Nathan Williams is now live and on youtube and vimeo. Subscribe here. (more…)

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Natives Part 1: Shane Weston

In March 2013 we set about filming and directing a six part series focusing on six individuals called Natives.

They are Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Geoff Slattery, Darryl Tocco, Chester Blacksmith and Sean Burns. This, the first part is with Shane Weston. We visit Shane’s hometown, see where he grew up and ask him a few questions on life, his upbringing and what’s this whole going backwards thing about… (more…)

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How to Nollie bars with Dillon Lloyd

Wanna learnt this trick? I guess you can now with the help of Dillon. Source: The Come Up.

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Geoff Out N About

Geoffs been spotted out and about, he recently went on a Markit X Demolition trip and hammered out some sick spots.

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Free & Sleazy Full Version

In 2012 we visited three completely different parts of the world to make a free DVD. The idea was to bring together different riding styles and different cultures and make a video that was as interesting as the riders involved in it.

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Alicante / Phil Demattia

Phil Demattia was also one of the lucky ones to get on a plane at the start of the year and fly to somewhere hot. Heres a sick little edit Will Evans made of their time there.

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Fresh Slatts

Good to see some fresh Geoff Slatts footage, style turned up to 11 here. Geoff has been busy working on his markit part I should add, looking forward to that.

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