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Kilian Roth Welcome to Eclat

The name Kilian Roth has always resonated well among the BMX world, a dude that seems to spew out an air of style and another purveyor of the backwards movement. (more…)

4 months ago • COMMENTS • 498 views

Jordan Godwin Welcome to Eclat


If you have never heard of Jordan Godwin before it’s because you haven’t heard of Jordan Godwin before. Lets just say that the UK scene is alive and well, and this guy is one of the good ones who’s keeping it beating. Watch this space.

Photo: tom price-jenkins

4 months ago • COMMENTS • 457 views

#Blind Hub Promo Coming Soon

Well it’s finally here after all this time and to coincide with the release Shane Weston has been working on a promo which will drop on November 10th. A lot has been said about this hub, but it’s best that we wait to tell you in person exactly how it works and exactly how to run it correctly, all this will come in the next 8 days. Stay tuned to the site for more updates. (more…)

4 months ago • COMMENTS • 261 views

The Stevie Churchill Fireball Tire


Its no mystery that the evolution of BMX tires has taken a defining development curve in the last 2 years. Riders are not just looking for the fattest tire on the market but one that completely suits their overall style of riding weather it be flat, dirt, ramp or street. (more…)

5 months ago • COMMENTS • 1,767 views

Dan Coller Bike Check


Dan the man Coller has a sweet Kink/Éclat set up. Really clean, dialled in piece of loveliness. Take a look at whats hot below. All photo Andrew White. (more…)

5 months ago • COMMENTS • 249 views

Carl Arnett – Welcome to AM

Carl Arnett from Cananda just joined the AM force de fuck yeah. Heres his welcome edit filmed by Riley McMaster. (more…)

5 months ago • COMMENTS • 118 views

Interbike (Blind Hub) Update


Holy Fruckin moly its that time of year again? So you wanna know if we were at Interbike? and did we have new products? Something about the blind hub? and did we drink bottles of pure sin? The answer is always yes. Remember that. (more…)

6 months ago • COMMENTS • 282 views

Harry Mills Set Up


Harry Mills Wakley from the UK has one of those bikes that looks solid as a rock. Thats because its bursting with the finest Eclat and United parts. Have a look and check the list after the jump. (more…)

6 months ago • COMMENTS • 176 views

Darryl Tocco Life on Tour

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.02.48

Darryl Tocco could well be the poster boy for travel, I should know because I’ve seen his passport and it looks more like a 1950’s suitcase than anything remotely governmental. BMX has always been the perfect excuse to travel, connecting with people all over the globe is just another way of securing your next vacation, I caught up with Darryl to chat about what he had been doing recently overseas. (more…)

7 months ago • COMMENTS • 167 views