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Sam Jones

Sam Jones has been on some adventures recently, clocking footage with Cal Earnshaw and working on this little treasure. You should follow Sam on instagram as most of the stuff he is doing is mind bending futuristic tech based radness on all levels.

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Thomas Benedetti Welcome to Eclat

Thomas Benedetti is part of the Frenchys squad, his take on riding is a beautiful mix of street and park that sort of blends into one. Sit back and watch. (more…)

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We’re Interbiking


It’s always good to be out here in Las Vegas at the Interbike trade show. Every year its our opportunity to showcase what we do and what we have been working on all year. For everyone who is able to make its a great chance to pick up, hold and inspect what we do here at Éclat. Here is a select few photos from the first 2 days of Interbike 2015. (more…)

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Julian Arteaga Welcome

Today is a dam good day. We welcome Julian Arteaga to the team. His welcome edit just dropped filmed by Francis Castro.

Photo: @DavidPendleton

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Shane Weston OZ Seat promo

Shane Weston has some of the hardest tricks on lock in the entire universe, each edit blows our mind. Heres a few park clips he threw in for this OZ promo while Shane works on a brand new Éclat edit.

More info on the OZ seat here


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What do you do if theres a student protest directly outside your hotel and thousands of people are being pepper sprayed in the face and its near impossible to breath? Then on that very night masked rioters smash their way into your hotel throwing rocks at the staff and removing furniture to burn in the streets? Theres not a lot you can do, just go ride I guess, enjoy the scenery.

Stevie Churchill fractured his thumb on the first thing he tried, Sean Burns sprained his wrist, Rich Forne the filmer got beaten up in a nightclub toilet and somehow we all made our flights home without the planes blowing up. Hit the link below to watch a week of riding from Alex Kennedy, Sean Burns, Bruno Hoffmann and Stevie Churchill in Santiago, Chile, filmed and edited by Rich Forne.

Visit DIGBMX.COM for a full written article and photos from Ryan Scott.

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Eclat Chile Behind the Scenes

You ready for the next Eclat Team Trip Video in the wild streets of Santiago, Chile? Well before we drop this ‪#‎RichForne‬ joint featuring AK, Bruno, Burns, Churchill – Check out this behind the scenes cut from DIG BMX Magazine. Filmed by Ryan Scott.

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Jordan Godwin Catch Up


Jordan Godwin is a firm favourite for rookie of the year in the U.K if thats even thing in BMX. Catch up with the man from Wales here with this article on RIDE UK and some dope shots from Dunk.

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Chile, the story so far…


Sometimes when you go on trips you instantly feel at home or on the other hand you feel completely uneasy, its never really anywhere in between. When we landed in Santiago I quickly became aware of how this maybe that trip. The place is vibrant, full of people and charged with energy, after being here a day or two we suddenly found our selves in the middle of a protest for student loans/fees which then turned into a full on riot (nothing new to Chile). Everything seemed normal to every single Chilean here but to us it was a total war zone. Our hotel which was situated in the middle of this mess got completely fucked over. (more…)

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