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In Focus: Mercury & Phantom Rims


Making rims is something we like to think we’ve got pretty good at over the past years. Starting with the infamous Bondi rim, once we had created a set of hoops strong enough for Sean Burns, we knew we were on to a winning recipe. Often something that is taken for granted, a good rim can be the difference between rolling away on to the next spot on two wheels, or taking the long walk back home with a busted bike. It’s only when you cut through a rim that you can see where we have manipulate the metal in different ways to achieve both a unique shape and rim that can really take a beating.

For 2015, the Eclat rim family welcomes two newcomers, the Phantom and the Mercury. Take a closer look at two new hoops that our team have been stoked on lately…


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Kadeem Eiland

Kadeem Eiland joined the crew recently through our homies in Holland Dante Bikes and he’s currently working on some video magic. Welcome to the crew Kadeem! Photo Steijn Leijzer.

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Kilian Roth Whip Check


If only your bike was as cool looking as Kilian Roth’s right? Well it could be, because below is a definitive list of what Kilian has on the go right now.  (more…)

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Dillon Lloyd LE TAZ Skatepark

Dillon Lloyd managed to escape the cold cold winter in Montreal but first he stacked a bunch of clips at LE TAZ skatepark.

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Stevie Fork Promo

Stevie Churchill is a beast of a rider and needed a fork that would hold up to sending huge truck drivers down 23 stair drops. The new Éclat Stevie Fork was built with strength in mind. Made out of full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo with fully CNCD steerer and butted fork blades, the Stevie Fork uses peg friendly invest cast dropouts and clearance for 2.40″ and larger tires. (more…)

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Sam Jone Death Rail

Dam this was close. Young Bloods coming soon.

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Brock Olive Joins Eclat / Australia


We are over the moon to welcome Australian powerhouse Brock Olive to the team. Brock built up his Premium Aurora 21″ frame with Éclat parts recently so take the link down under and see a gallery of his set up.  (more…)

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Eclat Welcomes AK



What better way to start the New Year off in style than with the addition of some great and truly original street riders to our PRO team? Just as Bruno gets settled in we are now welcoming Alex Kennedy to the squad. Having Alex on the team is perfect, an open-minded progressive street rider who can really ride the crap out of our parts. For more of what you want to know, head over to DIG magazine for a catch up.




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Bruno and the Filter Grip


A grip on a BMX bike is as essential as a root on a tree, a cog in a clock or a wire in a lamp. However it’s often overlooked, due to its quick changeability in todays riders. If you take a long hard look at BMX parts over the years its not hard to see what parts have developed and evolved over time and what has relatively stayed the same. Grips are the kings of historic resilience; their adaption to drastic transformation never really came and in a sense we as riders buy grips because they feel and look nice. At éclat we are realists, we know when we want to completely revolutionise a product and we know when its just not needed. With grips we feel it’s all about simplicity and building a symmetrical design that feels good underneath your palms from the get go. Last year we heavily researched into different materials and compounds and developed the VEX rubber material. Now our grips last and last and last. Our newest grip is the Filter grip and it was Bruno Hoffmann’s first choice when he built up his new bike.


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