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Kolibri Hub Video

The Kolibri hub, one of the fastest rolling hubs on the market. See more of our hubs here.

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The Unify Seat

The Unify seat is really the simplest form of seating you could hope for, with no hassle adjusting angles and offset, just drop it in and off you go. Have a look at this short video to see the quality of this simple BMX seat.

For more info and specs check out the Unify Seat Page. (more…)

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New Apparel


We have new clothing, its worth a shout out…Hit up your local dealer for more info. (more…)

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Keep a tight lock


Stems don’t have to be a bulky block of heavy dead weight, they can be beautiful, light where needed and curved in all the right places. Our group of stems have all been designed from the roots in our offices in Germany. They include features like a center bore hole for reduced weight, unique offset rear for improved clamping and zero offset for higher bar position. We also work hard to make every detail as clean as possible, our top bolts are recessed for example to create a clean look. (more…)

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2013 Lookback

2013 was an unreal year for eclat as we really pushed ourselves in creating and designing interesting and life enduring BMX parts. For us, as BMX parts designers, that was one of our highlights. Saying that though, we did go to Hong Kong and along with Peter Adam our team made one of the stand out web edits of the year, they pushed themselves in ridiculous weather conditions too. Going to Hong Kong was pretty surreal for many reasons; the welcome we got was insane and being the first ever BMX team in history to go there was even more crazy. This year also saw the release of our insight video project Natives, which is nearing its finale with the last episode (Sean Burns) hitting the web next month. (more…)

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Insight: The Venom Peg


The Venom peg uses a two-piece steel/plastic design based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system. Our aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. This lead us down the route of a steel/plastic design with a slim crmo inner peg wrapped in a generous thickness of our specially developed (for the Nathan Peg) hardwearing nylon compound. This interview was first seen on ride US and gives you an insight into the development of the peg itself. (more…)

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The Channel has landed.


This year has certainly been a hectic one, putting the team around the world has been a major factor in the global increase of popularity amongst our products but it hasn’t meant that we have slowed down at all, especially when it comes to making new products. (more…)

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Day in the life: Darryl Tocco

Standard day int he life of Darryl Tocco, featuring new recruit Dan Coller.

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The Polar Rim

The Polar rim from Éclat; a modern day BMX rim built for take the strains of todays riding.

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