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The Tibia Cranks

RIDE UK posted up an interesting interview with Sean Burns about the Tibias cranks covering why he rides them and how they’ve out lasted any other cranks. (more…)

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We’re going to Japan


Japan has always been on our radar of places to go, but in the past we always liked the idea of hitting places that had never had much previous coverage, we love the idea of searching and finding spots ourselves and we know that makes for a very special trip if everything goes to plan. (more…)

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Travel playlist

Need a break? Sit back and watch all our travel videos back to back.

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The Venom Peg has arrived

They are already out in Japan and arrive in Europe this weekend. Hit up your local dealer for more details. (more…)

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90% of the crew are heading to Texas at the start of April for some well deserved downtime and to professionally find themselves at an eco retreat. Sounds like a lie right? Follow us #eclatx

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Andy Roode

Andy Roode from Embassy on Vimeo.

Andy Roode is a roode en…shout out to northern embassy.

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Oil Slick Rick


Head back to April 2013 and you’ll notice we first dabbled in this now termed phrase ‘oil slick’ with a few of our parts. Go back even further and you might remember we cheekily dropped these hubs into the WTP envy complete bike at the 2012 Interbike. (more…)

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The Maverick Cranks Video

Get a close look at these cranks and hear how they were made.

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Kolibri Hub Video

The Kolibri hub, one of the fastest rolling hubs on the market. See more of our hubs here.

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