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Seat Collection & Some Stevie Clips

Stevie Churchill lays down a few clips and we explain why our BMX seats are worth sticking on top of your seat post. (more…)

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Part Focus: Onyx + Channel


Every now and again we sit here working and think about what we’ve designed and engineered, then we take some photos and then we show you. On most occasions we have no real reason yet to show these parts off – thats honesty for you. (more…)

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Eclat Defence Systems


Pegs are pretty much the greatest thing to happen to BMX. If it’s true that there origins lie in flatland then fair game to those guys, you invented a novelty pair of bicycle step ladders and we grinded the beef out of them. Of course everything evolved and all of a sudden were grinding the beef out of plastic /nylon pegs and we even have guards to protect our hubs, crazy isn’t it. (more…)

9 months ago • COMMENTS • 1,599 views

ECLATX – The Video

The crew have been out in Texas doing what they do, don’t really need any words, just sit down and watch Stevie Churchill, Sean Burns, Geoff Slattery, Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco and Dan Coller do what they do best. Shout out to Devon Hutchins for filming and editing this.

9 months ago • COMMENTS • 3,733 views

The Channel Sprocket

The Channel sprocket from Eclat is perfectly CNC machined in every nook and cranny to give it that dialled in aesthetic look. (more…)

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Stevie Churchill Bike Check

What Stevie can’t do on a bike is pretty much nothing or should that be, what Stevie can do on a bike is pretty much everything. Either way, both are disgusting examples of grammar. This is a bike check though, so let’s have an inside look at Mr Churchill’s rig.

9 months ago • COMMENTS • 15,100 views

Shane Weston Bike Check

Another hero of the team and probably the funniest dude to travel with ever. Shane Weston chose to get all pastel blue with his recent Fly set up. Check the photos taken by Andrew White of his current set up!

9 months ago • COMMENTS • 2,340 views

Bike Check Geoff Slattery


Geoff Slattery fits like a glove onto any team trip, easy to get on with, available for any sports fixtures and rides every day with or without a hang over. Heres some photos Andrew White shot of Geoffs parts, Geoff not only rides for Eclat PRO but also United, Etnies and Markit..  (more…)

9 months ago • COMMENTS • 3,758 views

What’s your favourite Eclat part?

We asked some of the team a simple question “whats your favourite eclat part”?

1. Sean Burns

“It’s the strongest bike part on my whole entire bike”

– Sean Burns

2. Stevie Churchill

“I’ve been running Tibia cranks before I was even on Eclat, I’m never nervous of them breaking or cracking”

– Stevie Churchill

1. Geoff Slattery

“Really clean looking hub, last you forever too”

– Geoff Slattery

1. Darryl Tocco

“Minimal concave, straight forward looking pedal and I’m psyched on it”

– Darryl Tocco

1. Shane Weston

“Wider than your average pedals, so you know they are gonna be there for you”

– Shane Weston

10 months ago • COMMENTS • 1,251 views