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2013 was an unreal year for eclat as we really pushed ourselves in creating and designing interesting and life enduring BMX parts. For us, as BMX parts designers, that was one of our highlights. Saying that though, we did go to Hong Kong and along with Peter Adam our team made one of the stand out web edits of the year, they pushed themselves in ridiculous weather conditions too. Going to Hong Kong was pretty surreal for many reasons; the welcome we got was insane and being the first ever BMX team in history to go there was even more crazy. This year also saw the release of our insight video project Natives, which is nearing its finale with the last episode (Sean Burns) hitting the web next month.

Another great addition to the PRO team this year was Stevie Churchill, Stevie as many know is a machine on a bike and in 2014 you will be able to get your hands on his signature tire the ‘Fireball’.


We want to thank everyone for supporting us in what we do, BMX is a funny industry but when that one thing that drives you is pure passion for designing BMX parts then who cares what happens along the way. We love our team, we love cruising on two wheels and we love the thought that 2014 is going to be even crazier than 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!