Sebastian Anton is what you might call an up and coming rider within the German scene. Which ever way you want to describe him hes one of our flow dudes and he reps hard. We caught up with him for 5 minutes and asked whats up.

Hey Sebi, You’re now on Éclat through Traffic in Germany. How did that happen then?
Billy was here in Frankfurt just for a few days and after this he recommended to Paul (Eclat team manager). I´m really happy with my decision because I always liked Éclat anyway.
Did you ever ride any Éclat parts before? If yes, which?
Yeah, I’ve rode the “Pulse” hubs for a long time. Dam good!

So where you been riding lately?
When I travel around, then I´m really often in Heusenstamm, Darmstadt or in Mainz. But actually I spend the most time here in Frankfurt.
Frankfurts always had sick spots, but it seems to be popping up lately as a real BMX mecca, why is that?
Frankfurt has everything what you need but nobody from the outside realised that before. Frankfurt has a lot of jams now and things are looking up. 

Things are looking up with you too, how much do you care about image and sponsors?
I take care about my image that all fits good together , but I watch that I do not burst my head.
I think that is best attitude. What is your plan for the future? Any missions, aims or trips?
I have no big plans , I just look what comes.

Alright! Your last words?
First I would like to say thanks Mom and Flo from 2Four7. Also of course by Éclat , Federal, Etnies and The Con for your awesome support!





Photos by Ben Francke