These have been flying off the shelves since we released them earlier this year. Whilst many grips sacrifice comfort for durability, the all new Pulsar Grip is a grip of no compromises. We took ODI Grips propriety “Super Soft” rubber compound that we’ve always been a fan of, and applied it to a longer flangeless grip with our specially designed rib profile, making it our best feeling and longest lasting grip yet.

When we first started work on the Pulsar Grip, we first consulted the team, to find out what made their “perfect” grip. We decided to go with a simple mushroom/rib style grip with a little more length than most. The Pulsar grip measures up at 165mm, making it perfect for today’s wider bars, or those of you who prefer more area to catch on barspins.

There’s something about Gum grips that we just can’t fault. The Pulsar is available in that Classic Gum that many of us have been rocking since day one.

Sometimes grips are the perfect place to add a splash of colour to your ride. Shane Weston has been rocking these Bright Purple bad boys for a while now and we can’t see him ever taking them off.

Included with all Pulsar Grips are our new USA made Nylon barends to keep your bars in good shape, and your stomach puncture free.

Designed in Germany, made in the USA.

Colours? We got you covered.

You can bet these feel just as gummy as they look…

That ODI seal of approval.

Pulsar Grips are available now worldwide! Go hit up your local shop and treat your hands on the best rubber out there.