Ashley moved to Long Beach recently, and by that I mean the big C..CALI, not Margate or that really long stretch of sandy rocks near Farley in the UK. I took some time to ask him about it and how life is living in the big old US of A and in return he took some photos on an old disposable camera of his new Eclat set up and his living arrangements.

You’ve taken the America dream by the horns then, hows American life and how do you compare it living in the UK?

Life in the U.S is good man, it has it’s up sides and down sides and I’m just trying to take advantage of the up sides. I guess from an outside point of view you would think it can’t be much different from home, but once you spend a while here there are a lot of little differences that stand out. It’s all a new experience though which is always a good thing!

You took a big step and worked hard to get your visa, how does it feel now you beaten the bastards?

Yeah I guess it is a big weight from my shoulders knowing that I can travel here with out getting hassled. That whole visa thing was a pain in the ass (note Ashleys use of the word ASS, Americanisation is taking place) even just trying to get solid advice from someone was so hard. I can see it getting harder to travel in general as time goes on which sucks.

Hows the bike looking, those new parts look nice?

The new parts are sweet as always! The tires worked out real good and I guess they are not so new now but I’m so stoked on the pulse hubs. The cassette works so good and I love how easy it is to switch the driver from R-LHD.

You must be missing certain British things right? anything in particular?

I guess more than anything my friends and family. I have lived in Bournemouth my whole life and have had the same friends around me for so long that it’s weird knowing that I’m not going to be there for a long time. Also just the familiarity of your surroundings when your at home.

All Americans seem to wear Baseball caps backwards regardless of what attire they are wearing, just wondered if you had got to that stage yet?

Nah man I hate wearing caps. The best is when you see the bros that have new eras on backwards and the front of the cap is sat right on top of their eye brows. Shit makes me laugh.

Ash is currently rocking:

The éclat Ashley Charles bar 8.3″
The éclat hannibal stem black
The éclat Ashley Charles grips
The éclat surge alloy set of pedals
The éclat pulse front hub
The éclat pulse rear hub
The éclat hubguard front
The éclat hubguard rear
The éclat trippin rim
A set of éclat spokes 184mm
Two of the brand new éclat ESC tires in 2.1
An éclat OZ seat
and the éclat pivotal seatpost.