Here at Éclat we have many aesthetic guidelines when it comes to designing new products, one of those is to think about how the product in question will fit, sit and lock into place with another product. This subject is often just as important as the design of the product itself. While our products are fully compatible with the majority of other branded parts on the market, ALL of our parts are specifically designed to lock seamlessly into place. We view this like a marriage, a well-oiled indestructible marriage.

To coincide with the release of our 2016 product line we bring you the first in a series of features, taking an in depth look at some of our new and current products, and how they all work together in harmony to create a compact setup. We kick things off with our mighty Maverick Alloy Crank, and two new additions to the family, the Contra Pedal and the RS Sprocket.


The drivetrain of a BMX bike is something that has gone through a huge amount of innovation in the past few years, and we are happy to have been part of that process. Ever since the release of our famous Tibia crank back in 2008, we have felt the need to match the heavy progression of riding and really push just how strong and reliable a pair of cranks can be. The Maverick crank was the result of over 4 years of extensive R&D, and ever since it’s release in 2014, the Maverick has quickly gained a reputation for being 100% bombproof. The Maverick is forged out of alloy, rather than being a welded chromoly tube like most cranks. As anyone who’s ever snapped a pair of cranks will know; it’s usually at the welding where things let go. This is where the 7075-T6 alloy we use for the Maverick arms really comes into its own. Being able to forge in a 3D shape means you can avoid the welding, and therefore the weak spot.


What’s totally unique about the Mavericks is their use of a regular 22mm 48 spline spindle. There are other Alloy cranks out there, but the Mavericks are the first and only alloy cranks in the world to use a regular 48 spline spindle. Until now alloy cranks were only available with a mountain bike style square spindle and a pinch bolt on the arm. We wanted to raise the bar and clean up the looks, and thanks to a heat treated crmo insert into the alloy its all been made possible. This gets ride of the need for ugly pinch bolts which can also act as a place for the cranks to break.


Available in 3 colours for 2016, and both 175mm and 170mm options, the Maverick is a crank for any type of rider. The crank of choice for Eclat PRO’s Alex kennedy and Dillon Lloyd, we are yet to have a single Maverick arm fail, which speaks for it’s self. Ridden and trusted by riders around the world, if you’re looking for the ultimate set of cranks, built to last a life time, look no further.


When it came to designing the Contra pedal,we were having trouble keeping the pedal profile thin while not sacrificing the strength of the spindle. Instead of taking an ‘off-the-shelf’ spindle, we went and developed our own custom option which uses a smaller caged bearing, but stays thicker closer to the crank arm where you need the strength the most.


The Contra pedal features removable pins on one side of the pedal, so you can keep one side nice and grippy, and one side for grinding on. You can also put the steel pins in after the moulded pins have been worn down to give more life to your pedal. The end result is a super low profile pedal, with an axle built to withstand the force of today’s toughest riding. Available now in Black as well as Dark Purple and Dark Gum to match our 2016 grips and tires.


Often the most overlooked part on your bike, a good quality sprocket can really make the difference to how your bike rides and feels. NEW for 2016 is the RS SprocketUsing an intricate designed based the high end wheels used on super cars, the RS is CNC machined from 8mm thick 6061-T6 alloy, making it super resistant to bending and damage that can occur during missed grinds. To help keep your chain running smooth, the RS sprocket uses offset teeth which helps maintain a perfect chain alignment on all set ups.


With compatibility being a very important feature for us in a sprocket, the RS is supplied with heat-treated chromoly adaptors. The RS can be run on 24, 22 and 19mm spindles, allowing it to fit perfect on all of our cranks, as well as pretty much any other crank on the market. The RS sprocket is out now in Black, Polished/Black and Red and is available in 25t, 26t, 27t and 28t options.

ALL of these products are available now from your local bike shop! Head over to the product section of the site for more info on these products and the entire 2016 range.