Hub Guards have never been such an important and vital component on the modern day BMX bike as they are today. What used to be an optional “extra” you might end up picking up when you had the spare cash, the hub guard is now the street rider’s best friend and could be the small investment which saves you from destroying your hubs and the much larger cost of having to pay out for a new hubset after a few moves on the local flat ledge setup.

For the next installment of our new product series ASSEMBLED, were going to be looking at our new heavy duty, and completely universal Overguard, which is designed to be able to protect any kind of rear hub from the brutality that street riding can put your bike through. This week we combine the Overguard with our NEW Dark Gum Venom pegs and Cortex Freecoaster hub, a setup that many of the PRO team are riding right now…


The Overguard is a universal drive-side hub guard. Fully CNC machined out of heat treated 4140 chromoly this guard is not only totally indestructible but also highly functional. The idea came about when we realised how much hassle most riders have when trying to get a driver side hub guard that will be compatible with their rear hub and not be susceptible to damage. We went to the drawing board and what we came up with was a design that allowed the guard to fit to pretty much every hub/frame/peg on the market.


The advantage of using Chromoly for the Overguard is that it’s super strong, slides like butter and wont break the bank either. The threaded anti-rotation bolt keeps the guard in place and prevent it from moving. The guard is thin enough to sit between the peg and the dropout and then over your chain, simply bolt it on and you’re ready to give this thing some serious damage. The Overguard will also happily sit on your non-drive side too, so you can actually run two of these and never worry about missing a grind again.

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The Overguard is fully compatible with ALL Eclat rear hubs, as well as 99% of all other rear hubs on the market. The over-dropout design, allows you to install the guard super easily without even having to remove any of the cones of the hub, or even remove the wheel. Simply take off your peg, slide the Overguard on, and tighten it all back up. Although a lot of riders are switching to Nylon guards for their low friction properties, the 4140 chromoly steel on the Overguard is much harder than the alloy found on most guards, and because of this will slide much better on any surface and also last an extremely long time. We still have team riders on the very first Overguard samples from almost two years ago.


Seen here is the Overguard paired up with our new Dark Gum Venom pegs. The Venom peg uses a two-piece steel/plastic design based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system. At the time of its conception, a lot of the team were complaining about the larger diameter of other plastic pegs on the market, so our aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. Available in both 4″ and a longer 4.5″ version, the Venom pegs have proven them selves as the weapon of choice for street riders all over the globe because of their slim design and use of a durable nylon compound.

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What separates the Venom peg from the other plastic pegs out there is that we opened our own cold-forged tooling to create the slim crmo inner peg. This enabled us to create an incredibly strong, yet thin core that can’t be dented nearly as easily. The shape also allows us to use an increased amount of material at the back of the sleeve, the place where most plastic pegs tend to crack after heavy use. The Venom is wrapped in a generous thickness of our specially developed hardwearing nylon-fibreglass compound, which is now available in colours to match the rest of our parts. First up is this Dark Gum, with other colours available later this year.


The Cortex Freecoaster is the latest addition to the Eclat hub line. Essentially a simple, durable freecoaster hub with a larger slack setting than most, the Cortex uses a totally new design which takes the tried and tested clutch style internals, and addresses all of the problems that plagued those hubs in the past.

The Cortex uses our new IOS (Internal O-Ring System) internals and an improved bearing arrangement which makes it pretty much foolproof. We have so many of our riders running on Cortex hubs right now and they couldn’t be more stoked. Available now in RSD and LSD as a separate hub or laced up to one of our rims, you can read up more on the Cortex and how it works HERE.


The Overguard, Venom pegs and Cortex freecoaster are all available now from your local bike shop! Head over to the product section of the site for more info on these products and the entire 2016 range.