For the fourth instalment in our ASSEMBLED series we take a look at the personal drivetrain choice of our very own Alex Kennedy. AK runs his signature AK Pedal together with his newly available AK Guard bolted up to our Maverick Crank for a bombproof, Nylon grinding setup, designed to give you as much creative freedom as the man himself.


If you’ve been paying attention to street riding recently, you will notice that pedals are no longer just a place to put your feet. Pedals are the new pegs, and AK is one of the guys really pushing the boundaries of just how creative you can get with your bike. The AK Pedal was designed to be our most versatile and dependable pedal yet, using a technology we have been working hard on over the past 4 years. The full-bushing system in the AK pedal allowed us to take up the space inside the pedal body where a loose ball bearing would sit, and let us double the thickness of the spindle, making the pedal almost indestructible. Our testing on the spindle was so successful, that we decided to offer a full LIFETIME GUARANTEE against the spindle breaking or bending under riding conditions, and will offer a replacement spindle should you do so.


The AK pedal body is also larger in surface area than most other pedals. This gives your foot more room on the pedal, so you can feel comfortable, no matter where your foot lands. What really puts the AK pedal ahead of the pack, is that the replaceable body is universal and fits the left or right side, so if after time you have grinded down one side of your pedal; simply switch it for the other pedal body and you’re good to go again. We offer affordable replacement pedal bodies separately, so if you’re off on a trip, simply throw a spare body in your bag. Much like a plastic peg sleeve, you can be riding on a fresh pedal in a matter of seconds for the fraction of a cost of a regular pair of plastic pedals.


The Maverick Crank is no stranger to the eclat product line, and has proven it’s self as one of the strongest and most robust cranks on the market. The cold forged 7075-T6 alloy arms are mounted to the enlarged 22mm spindle using our very own 48 spline insert system, rather than the typical pinch bolts you will find on other alloy cranks. This is a much more reliable and cleaner interface, which allows us to keep the arm very smooth near the spindle boss, and much more ankle friendly than a standard chromoly crank. AK rides the Maverick’s in the shorter 170mm option, but we also offer it in a classic 175mm length for those of you who prefer more torque in your ride.


The second chapter in the AK signature series, the AK Guard was spawned from the same robust Nylon concept as his signature pedal. The AK Guard uses an 8mm thick full CNC 6061-T6 Alloy sprocket, with a similar construction to our Vent Guard, but with a fully replaceable 10mm thick Nylon-Fibreglass guard that is then bolted securely on to the sprocket via x4 small bolts and our own locking system that snugly holds the guard into the sprocket, rather than just on top of it.


The high-impact, low-friction material of the guard allows you to grind and slide on the sprocket in ways that a standard alloy guard wouldn’t let you, whilst being incredibly resilient to impacts. We tested the material on the guard until destruction, or should I say, near-destruction. We sent Dillon Lloyd one of the first AK Guard samples over a year ago and he’s still running the very same guard, and despite some minor battle damage, the nylon is still in one piece. The AK Guard is available now in Black only in AK’s preferred size of 25t, with more sizes and colours on the horizon.


The AK Pedal, AK Guard and Maverick Cranks are all available now from your local bike shop! Head over to the product section of the site for more info on these products and the entire 2016 range.