We are going to be real honest about the product here since the product in question; a brake cable is a product that most of you may just have forgotten about. Back when bars were 7″ tall and messenger bags were still cool was the time that brakes ruled the roost. Times change but we as a brand never forget our true roots and while the Core Brake Cable doesn’t use space age technology developed by NASA, it does use some clever features that help make it the perfect tool for the job.

The first thing you need to know about the Core Cable is that it’s a “slic” cable. This means that the inner steel cable section is pre-stretched and manufactured in a way that the individual cable strands are formed into a perfect round shape, and then coated in a special low-friction material which allow the cable to pull incredibly smooth and last for a long time without stretching and breaking under heavy loads. We also ‘ED’ dip our inner cables in black, allowing you to have almost every single part on your bike in beautiful ‘ever popular’ black.

The inner cable is then wrapped in a friction nylon liner, and then under the “Linear” cable housing. The Linear steel cable strands and the coiled Aluminium wire inside the cable are incredibly important and give the cable it’s rigidity and prevent the inner cable from being twisted and tensioned when the cable is spun. This (in plain English) is the part that basically allows your brake to still run smooth if you’ve done a barspin when the cable is wrapped round your headtube. We use special high compression coiled Aluminium inside the cable rather than ‘standard’ steel that most cheaper cables on the market use. The Aluminium is around 30% lighter, and gives the cable a less sluggish feel than it’s steel counterpart.

You will also notice there’s a layer of Kevlar fibre in-between the coiled Aluminium and the outer plastic jacket. The Kevlar is another layer of protection against the cable getting torn or twisted during the event of a crash or your cable getting caught on something and getting damaged.

Our Core cables come in both a regular barrel end nipple for use on a standard U-Brake lever, but also a ball end nipple so you can run the cable with a gyro setup or with a V-brake or mechanical disk brake if you want to. We also supply our cables with x2 spare high quality steel ferrules and end nipples, ensuring that you can always go back and adjust your cable over time if you wish to make it shorter or set it up on a new bike.

Eclat_brake_cable_blue Eclat_brake_cable_group_det Eclat_brake_cable_cut_both

cable: 1.5mm slic, stainless, pre-stretched, poly-slip coated inner wire /

housing: 5mm compression-less, linear strands

130cm (cablehousing)

black, white, blue, red

reinforcing spiral alloy shell / 2pcs ferrule (loose) and 2pcs end nipple are included / ball and barrel cable nipple

78g (2.75oz : 0.17lbs)

The CORE Cable is available now worldwide at all good BMX Shops and Mail Orders.