Introducing the Mirage tire, a new high-performance BMX tire designed over the course of the past year with the eclat PRO team. Many riders on the team were asking us for a while for a lighter tire, and for good reason too, to reduce rotational weight. Rotational weight is far more noticeable, and can really affect the way your bike feels and handles.

To create a tire that weighed significantly less than our current offering was not an easy task since reducing the weight of a tire if not done right can sacrifice the durability or performance. We took our time with this one, after a year in development and working with one of the best tire manufacturers in the industry, the “Mirage tire” was born.

Something totally unique in our product line and the BMX market overall, the Mirage tire might just be the most advanced tire we’ve ever designed. Built on the premise of a super light tire that was strong enough for the toughest street riders on the team, the Mirage uses a high-quality 120tpi casing and a specially designed dual compound tread that is smooth in the center, but with plenty of grip on the outer tread for traction and control whilst cornering and carving.

Tested to the limits with Jordan Godwin, one most progressive new-school street killers on the team, the Mirage was designed with street riders in mind, and uses a full bead-to-bead “Silkshiled” protection layer and a special outer ridge which acts like a bumper and prevents the sidewall getting damaged during grinds.

Rated up to 110psi, the Mirage tire is perfect for street riders and ramp riders alike, and is one of the lightest tires on the market, but sacrifices none of the strength and quality that a lot of lighter tires give up in exchange for weight savings.

Available worldwide this month in 2.25″ (56.5mm) and 2.35″ (59mm) options in both regular wire bead, and a super light kevlar folding bead for those looking to reduce weight even further.

120 tpi construction, folding kevlar bead or wire bead

2.35″ (60mm) or 2.25″ (56.5mm)


– High-performance super lightweight street tire
– Dual compound construction
– Full length “Silkshield” layer under tread and sidewalls for added protection
– Regular wire bead or folding kevlar bead options
– High rated pressure 110 PSI
– Specially designed tire tread with a smooth center tread for low rolling Resistance and aggressive sides for traction and grip
– Speical outer line for grind protection
– Made by Maxxis tires

2.25″ folding bead 18oz / 510g
2.35″ folding bead 19.6oz / 555g

2.25″ wire bead 20oz / 566g
2.35″ wire bead 21.7oz / 615g