Today we are stoked to announce that our new TUBE AMP inner tube kits are now available from Eclat dealers worldwide.

When it came down to offering something as simple as an inner tube, we didn’t want to re-invent what crucially has to be the most compatible part on a bicycle. We took a look at ways we could improve upon the majority of tubes on the market, and at the same time – offer ours for an affordable and economic price.

We got in touch with the best inner tube manufacturer and sourced a tube, which we felt was the perfect blend of quality, construction, and durability. We then widened that tube up to allow it to be compatible with today’s 2.40″ and larger tires.

When you take a traditional sized inner tube and put it in a larger tire the rubber is forced to stretch beyond what it was originally designed for, making it thinner and more susceptible to punctures, pinches, and flats. Our Tubes are adequately sized to fit anything from 2.10″ all the way to 2.40″ and beyond. Say you’re running narrower tires at a high pressure for ramp riding, or massive 2.40″ or even bigger tires for street riding at a softer, lower air pressure – our tubes are as dependable as they get.

The next area where we thought we could really improve on is the valve. No matter how long you’ve been riding, you will have some point blown a tube at the valve through either installation or damaging it on the sharp valve hole in the rim. We decided to use our own full-length steel valve over the standard rubber valve than most innertubes use today. This steel valve is much stronger and resilient to damage and the threaded lock ring included allows you to install and inflate the inner tube with way more ease and ensures that the valve is always fully seated and installed correctly.

Despite the obvious upgrades over your standard bike shop tube, we tried very hard to maintain a reasonable and economic price. The TUBE AMP inner tube kit is designed to be the perfect extra item to throw in your bag before a session, so we decided to add two in a box, because as any rider knows, you can never have enough spare tubes with you.

Oh yeah, did we add that we had a lot of fun with the packaging? I’m sure all the guitarists out there will get the name and be stoked to see these stacked up in their local shop.