A grip on a BMX bike is as essential as a root on a tree, a cog in a clock or a wire in a lamp. However it’s often overlooked, due to its quick changeability in todays riders. If you take a long hard look at BMX parts over the years its not hard to see what parts have developed and evolved over time and what has relatively stayed the same. Grips are the kings of historic resilience; their adaption to drastic transformation never really came and in a sense we as riders buy grips because they feel and look nice. At éclat we are realists, we know when we want to completely revolutionise a product and we know when its just not needed. With grips we feel it’s all about simplicity and building a symmetrical design that feels good underneath your palms from the get go. Last year we heavily researched into different materials and compounds and developed the VEX rubber material. Now our grips last and last and last. Our newest grip is the Filter grip and it was Bruno Hoffmann’s first choice when he built up his new bike.



The Filter grip is built using a simple ribbed pattern and symmetrical design; this long lasting flangeless grip was designed to feel perfect right as soon as it’s on your bars. We gave the Filter grip and all of our other grips a special upgrade this year, click through and find out more…

The Filter is on the longer side at 150mm long, giving you plenty of room to catch barspins or move your hand around whilst riding. Using a medium thickness of 30mm, the Filter is not too thin, nor too thick, making it perfect for anyone. We used a subtle éclat icon to give the grip some character, but not enough that it messed around with that classic mushroom feel.


Probably the best thing about the Filter grip is that it uses our new VEX rubber material. VEX is the result of years of heavy research and development into finding the ultimate rubber compound that was not only really comfortable straight out of the box, but at least 50% more durable than most other grips on the market. We feel the days are long gone when it has to take time to eventually get that good grip feeling, only for them to wear right through. The VEX compound is now used on all of our 2015 grips and enables you to have a better connection to your bars, and one that will keep on going, and going, and going…


The Filter grip also uses our new Corx V2 barend, a simple design that incorporates a thin steel insert into the end, which prevents the barend from damage during a crash and general use. These new Corx V2 barends are so strong that you can simply push them on and forget about ever having to replace them. These are standard on all our grips for 2015.

We feel the days are long gone when it has to take time to eventually get that good grip feeling, only for them to wear right through.


The Filter grip is available now in Black, Gum, Red and Blue from Éclat dealers worldwide. For more info head over to the product page here.


Stay tuned for something special we are working on with Bruno this year…