I decided to catch up with Mr Blacksmith and see what’s going on in Portland right now and in general. Chester is a busy guy, always riding, sending emails and planning shit and when he’s not falling off or doing crazy shit on a bike he’s usually supping coffee…

Hey Chester, How’s things right now? You keeping busy?

Yeah man I’ve been trying to make some extra bread for this Alaska trip with my girl that I’m about to take, Shit ain’t cheap. It’s just getting sunny in Portland contently, so it’s time to clock in and get some clips.

So you live in Portland, I hear its pretty cool, what’s the coolest things to do in Portland?

Portland is the best! It’s cheap, the coffee is strong, You can ride pretty much anywhere, We have Burnside skate park plus many more, and the girls don’t look bad either.

How do you cope with the weather in Portland considering the rest of America is so much better? Is Portland jealous?

Man I can’t complain too much, Yeah it rains a lot here, but we only get snow like once every couple years, no tornadoes, the heat hardly reaches over 100 degrees. The only thing is, the consistent wet and grayness during the winter. Some times we don’t get sun for a month at a time. But the city is so good it makes up for it in other ways.

You do always seem to be busy, how does an average day go like?

Wake up, make Coffee, check some emails. Then it’s off to Burnside to meet up with the dudes around 9am. If it’s gonna rain the rest of the day I work on WTP stuff, If it’s nice then I make breakfast after the session then head to another park. Ride some street with the boys. Come home, more emails, then, cup caking with my girlfriend after she gets off work. I don’t really go out much anymore since it cost too much and I’m tired of feeling like shit in the morning. But once in a while it happens.

Eclat is growing and growing, you have been on the team from the start, what do you think of the company and the products and the whole design process from the guys over in Germany?

When Harry asked me if I wanted to ride for Éclat, I was surprised. I didn’t really know what to expect as far as riding for a company that was started by another company all under the same roof. When I started getting the products and riding them It was amazing! I felt like my bike was 10 years ahead of everyone else’s. Of course some of testing stages with the products didn’t go so well but once we got the bugs out I felt like my bike was invincible! In fact my bike is Invincible. After that roof to rail I did not Austin a few years back, the guys in Germany asked me, “Did you think about the chance of your axles breaking when landing on the rail?” I Laughed and said no, ” It didn’t even cross my mind.” Éclat makes the strongest best-looking BMX parts on the market. It’s amazing to say that I ride for them.

So you’re happy then?

Like I said the shit is amazing! I got the bike of the future! HA.

So when I mention Chester Blacksmith to anyone I get a 50/50 reaction, its either ‘he’s mental’ or ‘he really takes it bad’ haha…how are you coping these days with injures? Is your body still in one piece?

HAHA! I’m Mental? I’m not sure if either one of those are good. Um, my body is good right now. I just had a really good trip to California with some of the AM WTP dudes. I rode well, crashed well, and all the above. Yeah I crash a lot. Sometime shits don’t work out. Ok a lot of times shit don’t work out. I’m getting better on picking my battles. But what’d you kids want?

What’s the worst slam you’ve ever had?

Either breaking my leg or breaking my spleen.

What’s with the chin thing, Mexico wasn’t the first time you belted your chin like that right?

Fucking hell. It was like the 10th time I busted my chin open. Once again, bad choice in trying to get a clip on a broken shitty ass hand rail.

Are you saving yourself for Atlanta then?

Yeah man! I really want to start working on Éclat projects now. I’m excited for this Atlanta trip! This will be our first full team Éclat trip with all the dudes. It will be really good to see everyone all in one place.

Whats going to be happening for the rest of the year on your calender then?

Well I’m about to catch a flight to Alaska to go fishing. After that, Éclat in Atlanta, Then were gonna do a 10pack WTP Canada trip! That should be sick! After that I’m hoping to film more for Éclat. Then I’m hoping to talk WTP in to going to Germany around the end of the summer. I’m lined up for a while.