The Contra Pedal has been a staple of our range and the pedal of choice for riders wanting a low profile and grippy pedal under their shoes for years now.

When it came to designing the Contra we were having trouble keeping the pedal profile thin while not sacrificing the strength of the spindle. Instead of taking an ‘off-the-shelf’ spindle, we went and developed our own custom option which uses a smaller caged bearing but stays thicker closer to the crank arm where you need the strength the most.

The end result is a super low-profile pedal, with an axle built to withstand the force of today’s toughest riding. If you’re a pedal grinder or just a lover of slim profile pedals with plenty of grip, this is the one for you.

This year we updated the Contra with an extra set of (replaceable) steel pins on the other side, giving you, even more, grip and customization than ever before.

The Contra Pedal is available now from Eclat dealers worldwide and soon on the Kingdom Store.


injection molded nylon / fibreglass

9/16″ spindle / 107mm wide x 101.5mm long x 25mm high (highest point)

loose ball

black, purple, army green, teal, red, neon yellow, neon green

knurled top surface / crmo spindle / slim lightweight design / removable steel pins for customisable grip and longer life

389g (13.72oz : 0.85lbs) (per pair)