Austin based rail boss Dan Coller just laced up a new build with some of our latest parts. Dan is now rocking the Decoder Tires and Elevate Guard Sprocket. Take a closer look at this unit right here…

Photos by Aaron Ross.
“I’ve been on the Mirage tires for years but was really excited to try the new Decoder Tires once I saw them. The soft compound makes them so grippy in the streets, and I like the look of the smoother tread with the grey Decoder logo on the side. The Elevate Sprocket has such a clean look to it I couldn’t wait to get one. I’ve always liked a simple sprocket and it’s just that with a plastic guard that compliments the sprocket itself.” – Dan Coller


Frame – Kink Contender 21.3″

Fork – Kink CST

Bars –Kink Contender 9.75″

Stem – eclat Metra

Headset – eclat Wave

Grips – eclat Pulsar made by ODI

Seat – eclat BIOS Pivotal

Cranks – Kink Brace 165mm

Sprocket – eclat Elevate Guard

Pedals – eclat Seeker

Chain – eclat 4 Stroke

Front Wheel – eclat Cortex to Bondi Rim

Rear Wheel – eclat Cortex Freecoaster to Bondi Rim

Pegs – eclat Venom 4.5″

Tires –eclat Decoder Street 2.40″