What better way to finish off an epic trip than to build up a fresh tasty new whip? As our Austin trip draws to a close, Eclat PRO and handrail murderer Dan Coller just built up a brand new bike featuring all of our new 2018 products like the ONYX Stem, Camber Rims and Mirage Tires, as well as a sample of his signature frame from Kink.

Take a closer look at Dan’s brand new grind machine here, and pay close attention to those 4.8″ Venom Peg samples…

“This is the first time that I can remember building up a 100% completely fresh bike and it feels great. I’m testing out a sample of my signature frame from Kink and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Along with that, I’m riding the new Onyx stem which is a continuation of my favorite stem of all time, the Eclat Mercury Stem. A short reach and a tall stem that looks simple and solid makes it a staple for my bike. I can’t see myself changing that up for a long time.

Besides the new stem, both the Venom Pegs and Mirage Tires are parts I can’t go without. There are no pegs that even compare to the material and feel of the Venom Pegs and they can outlast any other plastic peg by miles. I’ve also never ridden tires like the Mirages that are so grippy and light at the same time. Couldn’t be happier with my current set up!”

Frame: KINK Contender sample


Bars: KINK Rex Bars cut to 27.5″

Grips: ECLAT Pulsar ODI made grips

Stem: ECLAT ONYX Cold Forged

Headset: ECLAT Cargo with slammed cap

Seat: ECLAT Bios Pivotal, NEW Drip Icon version

Post: KINK Pivotal

Cranks: KINK Pillar Cranks

Pedals: ECLAT AK Pedals

Sprocket: ECLAT AK Guard 25t

Rims: ECLAT Camber Rims

Front Hub: ECLAT Cortex with Nylon guards

Rear Hub: ECLAT Cortex Freecoaster

Pegs: ECLAT Venom Peg 4.8” samples

Tires: ECLAT Mirage Tire, 2.35″ front, 2.25″ rear

Chain: ECLAT 4Stroke halflink

If you havent seen this yet, you’re blowing it…