When Éclat launched in 2008, Darryl Tocco was one of the first riders we added to the original team. His energy and unique style fitted exactly with the vision we had for the brand, and we knew we wanted him part of it.

Almost 10 years later, Darryl continues to bring his effortless style and dynamic to every spot he touches. On top of all of this, his talents have translated outside of riding and have allowed him to evolve into an incredibly gifted film maker as you will have seen in our recent SOCIALITES video. We couldn’t be more proud to call Darryl a friend and thankful to have him part of our journey and involved in what we do over the years. Whilst Darryl is taking a step down from the PRO team he will always be a valued and respected member of the éclat family, and connected with the brand as strongly as ever.

Whilst Darryl has no plans to stop riding and filming, this is his last video as a PRO. Filmed by his friends over the past year, it does not disappoint. Thanks for the good times Darryl, keep on shredding!