Darryl has had a pretty wild few weeks travelling with kink, we asked him to give us a little update on what his travel situation is like.

– Well, I’ve been in Thailand for about 6 days now, and it has been unreal. The city has so many strange sights, smells, customs, and people that you could be here for years and see something new every day. This leg of the trip has been so hot that riding is a serious task, I tried a trick for about 40 minutes yesterday and it was the most overwhelmed I’ve ever felt riding my bike in my life.

Darryl enjoys a relaxing fish massage, fish with little hands I imagine.

We’ve all done a few hours a day cruising and a lot of chilling. Took a two hour drive to Pattaya City to visit the beach the other day, and it was insane. People trying to sell you everything from sunscreen to sexual favors. Crazy. We are just finishing breakfast and getting ready to fly to South Korea from here, to hang out in Seoul for the next week, and then ultimately off to Tokyo. Thanks to Eclat for the all the new stuff on my bike for this trip, it feels awesome!

I think you have to agree this spot is amazing.