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Darryl Tocco could well be the poster boy for travel, I should know because I’ve seen his passport and it looks more like a 1950’s suitcase than anything remotely governmental. BMX has always been the perfect excuse to travel, connecting with people all over the globe is just another way of securing your next vacation, I caught up with Darryl to chat about what he had been doing recently overseas.

Above photo taken in Rome last year but too good to not use.

Where the hell have you been for the past month?

I was lucky enough to spend the last month traveling around Europe, we started in Copenhagen, Denmark followed by Berlin, Athens, and ended the trip in Vienna, Austria.

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What was the purpose the trip?

In Copenhagen and Berlin I was filming with Sean Sexton for an upcoming Kink piece. After that Jay Roe and I decided to take a personal trip of sorts, and we flew ourselves to Athens and then Vienna. We rode every day but mostly just cruised and had a good time. The trip was incredible.

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How many planes did you catch?

From the time I left Austin to when I got back there were 11 different flights, and lots of headaches. They lost our bikes twice, and all of our clothing the entire time we were in Berlin. We were not looking good, haha. Traveling almost always has a downside.

Any new countries or ones you’ve been to?

Ive been to Berlin before but all the rest were new for me. They were all amazing in their own ways. Copenhagen is seriously crazy to ride, we didn’t get kicked out of anything and at times people came out to watch us ride their buildings. Definitely my new favorite city to visit over there, I can’t wait to go back.

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Good to be home or itching to get back out there?

I was glad to get home, but it won’t be long till I want to leave again. It’s 100 degrees everyday in Austin, sitting around gets the itch going for sure.

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