Its confusing but I think we are going to state this as day 1, yesterday does not count and to be fair I think time and travel robbed us of a day if that makes sense? Our first real cruise took us to some amazing places, with the help of kane and clark and co we visiting some really interesting spots, rode amongst some crazy ass Chinese cars, cabs, bikes and scooters and ate some more cheap cheap food.

We are still trying to adjust I guess to this completely different style of culture, and from what it seems, a culture which is both alien to BMX but 100% positive about it and curious to why we actually do what we do. Every spot was like an excuse for a group photo from the passers, but its cool. We are loving it here. More updates to come, for more regular updates get us on insta – @official_eclat and follow us on twitter @eclatbmx which we can’t use over here as its banned, ha. Oh well…sleep time, more tomorrow!

If we are about to do something then people will watch
Andrew White wondering if he is the only person taking photos right now.
A rare photo of a road occupyied by space and not vehicles.
First spot we hit, something special straight out the barrel

Shane Weston soaking up the smog

Making a call, smoking a fag and watching Chester toothpick
These guys loved it
"So IZ, you happy about being in China"?