‘Dynamics are everything’ is a really famous quote, well at least it is now because I just said it. Its also very vague and I dont expect you to take me seriously. What I do expect you to take seriously is the all new Dynamic Front Hub. We had been wanting to offer a narrow flange front hub for some time, and by narrow I mean the flanges sit closer together. The advantage to a narrow flange design is the spokes are kept further towards the center of the wheel, and so are out of danger from grinding. The Dynamic’s hub shell is CNC’d from 6061-T6 alloy, and has just 27mm from hub center to flange center. It rolls incredibly smoothly thanks to a pair of high end fully sealed Japanese bearings.

Even though the spokes are sitting in a safer position, we’d still recommend running a hub gourd if you’re a rail boss, same goes for ledges and coping. We have a specific Dynamic guard, CNC machined from 7075-T6 alloy so it can take the beating rather than your wheel.

head here and get those specs.








Slap a guard on it and grind as you please. Heres what its like with the guards on.