It’s time to experience a revolutionary set of tyres that deliver ultimate and absolute grip control in all areas of BMX. Yep we have just released the eagerly awaited Eclat set of tires, check them out now!

The COMMAND, CONTROL and ESCAPE have all been designed extensively by the Eclat team and tested with all types of riders in order to create the finest BMX tyre possible.

Each tyre is available in a choice of black, skin or white walls with size options in 2.1 and 2.3.

All tyres feature 120 TPI construction which reduces weight while never compromising on the strength of the side wall.

The COMMAND is our trail tyre, perfect for coping with long and muddy days in the woods. The COMAND has a chunky profile with deep channels at varying heights, providing a rock-solid grip in the earth. The sidewall has an aggressive pattern wrap that helps with traction while making sharp turns, significantly reducing the chances of wiping out when landing.

The CONTROL is our in between model, it uses certain elements of the COMAND tyre to create a perfect all round street and ramp edition. The offset sidewall contours create flawless traction when cornering while the wide directional tread in the middle helps give you a better contact with the ground.

The escape is the smoothest and fastest model of the series, the “esc” will glide over pavements, wood and has the lowest rolling resistance in the series. The “esc” has a completely flat profile finished with shallow, square-cut contour lines and side grip divisions for pure control and grasp.