Pegs are pretty much the greatest thing to happen to BMX. If it’s true that there origins lie in flatland then fair game to those guys, you invented a novelty pair of bicycle step ladders and we grinded the beef out of them. Of course everything evolved and all of a sudden were grinding the beef out of plastic /nylon pegs and we even have guards to protect our hubs, crazy isn’t it.

Our collection of nylon guards are so smooth you’ll forget you are even grinding them. Some call this butter, at Eclat we like butter but in the case of our hub guards we would have to compare them to that lovely spreadable lurpak type. The nylon hub guards are not just a bulging heap of material, they come with an inner heat treated steel support so it can really take some abuse and not leave you with shreads of plastic dripping from your hubs and obviously, a knackered hub.

Have a look below or visit our guard section.

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