The OZ seat is a superb reflection of what we do here at Eclat. Taking a generic seat design with our own topcover was simply not an option when it came to doing a new pivotal seat. The OZ seat uses a totally new Pivotal base that was designed with strength and durability in mind. The concept in the beginning was to sink the pivotal ratchet deeper into the seat base to give a cleaner look from the side. We also took the opportunity to optimise the support webs inside the molding to make the seat incredibly strong.

There are a lot of pivotal seats out there, but nothing comes close to the strength of the OZ. For those of you who are hard on your seat, we offer the OZ in a slim and a fat option in three colour options.

Find out more about the OZ Seat HERE.

Sattel Kilian_Bike_2015

100% poly propylene Cordura topcover / pivotal system

Black, Blue, Brown

Custom developed shape and base construction / designed by éclat / slim or fat padding

340g (11.99oz : 0.74lbs)

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