The trip is over, and it had its fair share of ups and downs. With any trip you have to expect the trauma of either an injury or general bad luck, we really did get knee deep in both of these aspects. First bummer was Nathans shoulder, he separated it days before the trip leaving us a man down. Also, we were already a man down as Ashley is still only 8 weeks past his knee surgery.

We battled on regardless and enlisted the man on the bench IZ. This isn’t his first time subbing with the Pros, he came to Atlanta last year after Randy broke his foot. IZ fits right in and never has a bad word to say about anything, so even though the team was incomplete, somehow it still felt right. We started off in Long Beach, made our way up to Santa Barbara and after 2 days of constantly getting busted we drove down to San Diego where we stayed for the remainder of the trip. Heres a few photos I took while cruising around. Expect a full article in DIG magazine and trip video to accompany.

Shane Weston, back of the van.

Just because its Cali doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dark early.

Head injuries did nothing to change Chester’s fast food diet.

A quick stop in L.A

Video coming soon.