Harry Mills Wakley from the UK has one of those bikes that looks solid as a rock. Thats because its bursting with the finest Eclat and United parts. Have a look and check the list after the jump.


Eclat Dual headset
Eclat BB
Eclat Ridgestone Slick Tyre, 2.3 f&r
Eclat 2pr Slash Pedals
Eclat Bondi Aero Rim rear
Eclat Oz Pivotal seat
Eclat Pulse front hub
Eclat Trippin Aero Rim
Eclat E-Tool
Eclat Zap Grip
Eclat Sprocket 25T

Xposure Half-link Chain

United Mothership frame
United forks
United Mothership bars
United Nash Cranks
United Supreme freecoaster
United Stealth Pegs
United Valentino Stem