Pretty sick L set up. Name the trick?

Seems like a while ago now that we decided to combine super team powers and take a combined trip to San Fran with United Bikes. Its creeped up quickly anyway but we are all here in Long Beach for the start of the trip. I say all, Nathan had to stay at home due to a broken wrist and some important surgery, we all hope he has a speedy recovery. The trip has started well, even if Geoff managed to come back to the hotel on the first night without a bike (thats a lie actually, he came back the next day ha). Keep an eye out in Long Beach for a sweet united and éclat set up.

The plan wasn’t so much to stay in Long beach, just more a place to gather and get a few clips in, the real trip starts tomorrow when we head North towards San Francisco and surrounding areas. We also have a shop/demo/signing at Pacific cycles on Monday so check that out if you are in the area!

Keep checking the blog for updates and follow the feed at #highandbound on either twitter or instagram.

"I don't like the bloody sun do I" - James Cox

Geoff brought a football all the way from England
Football and BMX mix well, IZ whop volley bonanza.