Making rims is something we like to think we’ve got pretty good at over the past years. Starting with the infamous Bondi rim, once we had created a set of hoops strong enough for Sean Burns, we knew we were on to a winning recipe. Often something that is taken for granted, a good rim can be the difference between rolling away on to the next spot on two wheels, or taking the long walk back home with a busted bike. It’s only when you cut through a rim that you can see where we have manipulate the metal in different ways to achieve both a unique shape and rim that can really take a beating.

For 2015, the Eclat rim family welcomes two newcomers, the Phantom and the Mercury. Take a closer look at two new hoops that our team have been stoked on lately…


Built with input from the team, the concept for the Mercury rim was based around the idea to make a rim that was both super light, but strong enough for even the burliest riders to use with confidence. The Mercury rim uses a unique rib-less construction that allows the rim to weigh just 14oz, yet provides all the strength modern riding requires, thanks to a beefy side wall.


The Mercury rim also uses a hollow bead which provides a stable seat for the tire, but also reduces the weight of the rim at the same time. We tested the Mercury against a number of other rims on the market and were pleasantly reassured to see that the Mercury kept true and straight whilst others have failed under the same loads. Now being ridden by many of the team, the Mercury is a reminder that strength does not have to come with a serious weight.


The Phantom is our second new rim for 2015. We have always featured a cross-laced rim in our line-up and when it came to designing a new model we wanted to create something a little different. The Phantom uses a special double wall construction with an increased wall thickness where the strength is needed most, and a thinner wall elsewhere to keep the weight down. The shape is exclusively designed for a cross-laced spoke pattern and the single wall centre section reduces weight and gives the rim its unique look.



The Phantom was not the easiest rim to design, but after months of tweaking the thickness and shaping the contours of the rim we ended up with a unique rim shape that lends itself to the name. Extruded out of super tough 6066-T6 alloy with a flash-welded join, the Phantom Rim is built to stand up to heavy street abuse and take everything you can throw at it.



The Mercury and Phantom rims are available now in gloss black and high polished from Eclat dealers world wide. For more info on these two rims and the rest of the 2015 collection, please head over to the product section of the website.