The constant thirst for innovation and progression within our products is the drive that keeps us alive as a brand. Every day we are looking at the very same bikes we ride and asking ourselves “how could this be better?”. The E440 Rim is a perfect example of that attitude.

The E440 Rim is the result of a two-year quest to make the lightest possible rim, that could still hold up to the pure savagery that our PRO team put their wheels through. Weighing in at a measly 440g, the E440 is a great ‘lighter weight’ solution for riders wanting a tough, dependable rim that helps reduce rotational weight. Creating a rim that was incredibly light, but also strong enough for the heaviest guys on our team was not an easy feat. We spent a long time researching the shape of the rim to find where we could remove material, and where material and structure needed to be added to ensure the rim was as stiff and twist-resistant. The cross-section of the E440 rim. gives you an insight into the magic behind the weight loss and strength gain. You can see where we increased the material around the sidewall to prevent denting and deformation and added x5 hollow chambers inside the rim. These chambers greatly increase the overall strength and rigidity of the rim, but the thinner wall material was a way to keep the weight down.

We knew that making the rim narrower would help reduce weight but we didn’t want to go too narrow so that tires would come up undersized. Given that we already offer two wider 38mm rims (Bondi and Trippin), we decided to keep the E440 somewhere in the middle ground at 34mm, making it the perfect partner to pretty much any kind of setup. Once we had the design nailed down, we went to work with one of the best quality rim manufacturers in the industry to ensure that these hoops were crafted, assembled and produced to the same high standards as our other rims.

Tested to destruction both in the lab and in the streets by Jordan Godwin and Jordan O’kane, the E440 rims are designed to hold up to even the most brutal of riding conditions. Available now in Black, Chrome Plated and Galactic Purple. Also available as a complete wheelset laced up to our game-changing SEISMIC HUBS.