Ever on the quest to improve and innovate our product line, fresh for the 2017 season we are beyond excited to introduce our new Strangler 4pc handlebar. The Strangler bar is our first bar to utilize the new 25.4mm oversize clamping system, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable handlebar that is much stronger than anything else before it.


The increased 25.4mm diameter clamping tube allows the bar to be clamped much more securely than the traditional 22.2mm tubing found on most bars and stems. As bars have got taller and taller over the years, the amount of leverage going through the bar and into the stem often causes the bar to either slip in the stem, or even worse crack at the clamping area on both 2pc and especially on 4pc bars.

The Strangler bar combines the bigger 25.4mm clamping area with a matching 25.4mm grip tube that then tapers back to a regular 22.2mm tube further up the bar. By using larger diameter tubing at the contact area, you are almost doubling the amount of material touching, resulting in a significantly stronger junction.


Due to the much stronger design, we were able to use lighter multiple butted tubing on the Strangler bar over the heavy plain gauge tubing most 4pc bars rely on to prevent fatigue. This means that the Strangler bar weighs in much lighter than most other 4pc handlebars.

With the Strangler bars only working with a 25.4mm bore stem, we have released our already super tough Slattery Stem in a 25.4mm option to accommodate the larger tube. The Slattery stem also uses Shark Tooth Clamping (STC) inside the stem cap which allows the knurling on the bar to bite into the stem with even more ferocity, providing a secure and strong bar that won’t slip or fail, even on the biggest drops and impacts.


The Strangler bar will be available in next few weeks in either 9.6″ and 9.1″ rises with compatible 25.4mm Slattery Stems available at the same time.