New for the 2017 season is the Raven Rim. A new addition to our current rim offering, the concept from the very beginning was to maximise the weight/strength ratio. As BMX has progressed over the years, rims have had to evolve to cope with the bigger, gaps and forces that riding can put through a bike. As rims have become stronger and wider, they often had to get much heavier.


We wanted to offer a rim that was the perfect balance between the weight and the strength, and after a year of development and testing, we got it bang on perfect. The Raven rim is the perfect middle ground. It’s a decently light/mid-weight rim, with a champed profile and a unique rim structure which make it incredibly strong  without looking like a breeze block.


We really went into great detail during testing, to ensure that this was one dependable rim that the team could lace up and ride for as long as they want and not have to worry about a spoke pulling through or the rim buckling under impact. The sidewalls and the outer wall are much thicker than most rims, but the inner wall is thinner since the thickness is not needed, thus reducing the weight.


Measuring up at 36mm wide, the Raven is slight wider than most rims, which make it the perfect partner to the wider tires that many of the team are riding these days. The chamfered profile help keep the Raven rim nice and stiff, but also allow for a straight sidewall that is fully compatible with brake pads.

The Raven rim is available in only a few weeks time in Glossy Black and an AK inspired Matt Neon Yellow, with more limited edition colours available later this year…

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