Just before heading off to South Korea with the team, new Eclat PRO Kilian Roth, built up a fresh new ride loaded with our newest 2017 parts built onto a Cult SOS frame. If you’ve seen even just a small amount of Kilian’s riding, you’ll know that he’s somewhat of a perfectionist, and his bike setup follows this in in every sense of the word.

Take a closer look at Kilian’s brand new steeze machine here.

Frame: CULT Ricany SOS 20.75”

Forks: ECLAT Storm Fork 25mm offset

Bars: ECLAT Dive Bar 8.9”

Grips: CULT Ricany

Stem: ECLAT Slattery

Headset: CULT Tall Headset

Seat: CULT X Further Brand

Post: ECLAT Torch Pivotal Post

Cranks: ECLAT Spire Crank 170mm

Pedals: ECLAT Seeker

Sprocket: ECLAT AK Guard 25t

Rims: ECLAT Polar Rims

Front Hub: ECLAT Cortex with Nylon guards

Rear Hub: ECLAT Cortex Freecoaster with Eclat Overguard

Pegs: ECLAT Venom Peg 4.5”

Tires: CULT x Vans 2.35”

Chain: ECLAT 4Stroke halflink

Oldest part?

Probably the Spire cranks, I’ve had them for like a year and a half and they’re still running perfectly.

Newest part?

The frame, and most of the other bits. I got all of that last week


Not much. I cut my bars down to just under 28”, other than that I run it as it comes.

Every rider has that one part they just love; if you had to pick one part you’d never change, what would it be?

Probably the bar height. I’ve tried to keep the same height bar for 4 years through running different stems and headset spacer combinations. I really like it with the 8.9″ Dive Bar and the Slattery Stem, not too high, but still comfortable.

Favorite Eclat product?

The new Storm Fork is super nice, its clean, mega strong and I really trust it. It’s so important you ride a fork that you can feel safe with, especially on bigger stuff. The Slattery Stem is one of my favorite parts. The bolt heads are bigger in diameter, and with the STC (Shark Tooth Clamping) it clamps like hell, super solid. It’s got a clean deisgn and just looks nice on the bike.

One trick you are loving right now.

Manual 180 down rails/ledges? Recently I’ve been doing Tailwhips a lot more which is cool.

One trick you are hating.

Pull up bars haha. Not really, I wish I could do oppo whips much better though.

Turing PRO on éclat and Cult at the beginning of the year must have been crazy for you? What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

I’mm going to Korea for the #ECLATSEOULDOUT trip tomorrow which is going to be insane. I’m working on something awesome with both Eclat and Cult, I cant say much but I’m stoked on both of them and can’t wait to show everyone.

Any thanks?

Yes! Big thanks to my family and friends for their support, Robbie at Cult, Andy at Vans, the People’s Store, Ciao Crew and everyone at Eclat.

Cult x Further seat.

Kilian running the Cortex Freecoaster in LSD with a Chromoly Overguard on the drive side keeping that chain nice and secure on opposite tricks.

When you’re going big, you want a stem that won’t give out on you. Kilian’s favorite eclat part, the Slattery Stem. 

Our new Seeker Pedal has a much slimmer profile and larger platform than any of our other pedals, making it perfect for tricks where you take your feet off the pedals and need a secure and larger landing surface.

The Nylon AK Guard keeping Kilian’s chain in place and protected even on the most savage hangups and missed crankarms.

Front hubs don’t get much better than this. The Cortex Front Hub with included Nylon hub guards to keep you sliding for days. Partnered up with our Venom Pegs in 4.5″.

If you havent seen this yet, you’re blowing it…