It’s with an extremely heavy amount of sadness that we have to announce the exist of Nathan Williams from the Éclat family. We’ve shared some good times on the road together and although his reasons for leaving make a lot of sense we will still miss him. Below are quotes from our Team Manager and Nathan himself.

“Nathan and I have spoken on and off for a while about his decision and although there was no major rush, it was inevitable that it would come at some point. Being one of the best riders in the world often comes with certain responsibilities and juggling them can throw back problems and create an unwanted pressure. Nathan wanted to focus on the currant projects he has on the go and we are cool with that. Im glad that our friendship extends outside the boundaries of Éclat but ill still be sad to not have him to hang out with on trips in the future. All the best Mr Williams and thanks for being part of Éclat.”

– Paul Robinson Eclat TM

“Unfortunately éclat and myself have parted ways. It’s a hard decision for me because I really enjoyed the trips and the whole team is so rad. I felt that I wanted to put all my focus into the projects I already have going.

I want to thank Paul and Harry for everything they’ve done and I wish them the very best!”

– Nathan Williams

Photo: Hikarufunyu