The concept for the Mercury Rim came about with the idea to make a rim that was both super light, but strong enough for even the burliest riders to use with confidence. The Mercury rim uses a lighter aero profile, a unique hollow bead to keep the weight down, but with a super thick outer wall to increase rigidity. The end result is a rim strong enough to hold up to the team, yet light enough to noticeably shed some weight from your bike. Simple but effective.

A guy like Shane Weston isn’t exactly what you would say “kind” to bike parts. Anyone that has seen THIS video will know just how much abuse Shane put’s his bike through, both whilst riding and on the occasional bike throw when things don’t work out. Despite this Shane has been riding our Mercury rims for over a year now, and we caught up with him to find out how these things have been holding up.

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“I saw the Mercury Rim and had to have it! That low profile sleek look it offers is so sexy. They have a ton of strength, been running my wheels for over a year now and they’re still in perfect condition.” – Shane Weston


Here you can see a cutaway of the Mercury rim, and the main hollow chamber and the hollow bead. The weight is saved by using a thinner inside wall, but a much thicker outside wall which keeps the rim incredibly stiff and resistant to bending. The spoke holes are drilled in the centre of the rim which helps them align better to the flanges, resulting in stronger spokes and a more resilient wheel.

Eclat Mercury Rim

6066-T6 alloy, flash welded

35 x 17mm 36h only, ERD 383mm

black, high polished

unique wider design with double cavity, hollow bead and thicker outer wall,straight sidewalls for brake use, designed for improved spoke alignment

480g (14.8oz)

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The Mercury Rim is available now from Eclat dealers worldwide. You can purchase the Mercury in Glossy Black or Silver Polished from your local eclat dealer or mailorder today.