Ashley recently took a small vacation in the warm up to his return to riding, we sent him to portland so he returned with some photos and a little write up.

– A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Portland for a week. I had wanted to go up last summer but didn’t find the time. After being kind of isolated because of my knee I needed a change of scenery. My plan was to head up there hang out with some friends, eat a ton of good food and just enjoy the beautiful Portland summer. I ended up taking my road bike with me instead of my bmx as I had been so on point with my knee rehab. The final part of the éclat free and sleezy trip was coming up so I wanted to keep on top of it. Right before I headed up there I spoke to my good friend lil Jon who decided to come meet me there. He had previously worked up at widells which is a small bmx/skate/snow camp about 30 minutes from Portland. It sits at the foot of mount Hood and is a great change of pace from the city. After spending a few days roaming the city we were lucky enough to head up there for a few days and enjoy the mountain. Here are a few photos from my time there.

– Ashley

Morning post up spot, mountain and a pond. Not bad!
First couple of very overdue airs on lil Jon's bike. I will own a quarter like this one day!
'lil Jon's bike and my two steeds for the trip'
Windells amazing cement park. Perfect place to have my first pump around. Like it was ment to be!
Sunday's new wave frame
Relic of a man u poster! Been up there a few years.
On our accent to mount hood
The view from the top, not bad! Oh yeah Jon loves his country.
The lads in front of mount hoods peek. Scott, Cookie, me and lil Jon
Jon and Scott getting ready for the hill bomb. Not sure how true it is but apparently some one died bombing it. It's pretty nuts!
Took a minute to catch up with them. Jon high speed manual.
Mount Rainer view from my flight home. This thing stands proud in Seattle but you can see it clearly from mount hood.
Thanks to this guy and his lovely lady Mandy for putting me up and Chet for being the man. Till next time