Eclat veteran, rooftop lover and certified madman Sean Burns just built up an all new steed featuring his signature Burns Grips and Burns V2 Stem, as well as a bunch of our new parts like the indestructible Storm Fork and our new super light Mirage Tire.

Burns always knows how to build a proper bike, take a look at this radical Black and Chrome stuntcycle in detail here…

Frame: Bonedeth Motorbone 20.75″
Bar: Bonedeth Deadman 8.5″
Fork: Éclat Storm Fork 30mm offset
Cranks: Éclat Tibia Crank 175mm
Sprocket: Éclat Tilt 30t
Pedals: Éclat Surge CNC
Seatpost: Éclat Torch Pivotal 15mm offset
Seat: Éclat OZ Slim
Grips: Éclat Burns with extra flanges as doughnuts
Headset: Éclat Cargo
Stem: Éclat Burns V2
Wheels: Bonedeth PH48 to a 48h Eclat Bondi Rims
Brakes: Éclat Unit brake, Core cable
Pegs: Bonedeth Diet Grinders
Tires: Éclat Mirage Tire 2,25″ front and rear

Burns has been loving the new Mirage tire. Despite being super light, the high-performance 120tpi construction and silk-shield protection in the Mirage tires keeps them incredibly strong and durable to the most savage drops, hangups and all out abuse that a rider like Burns will put tires through.

Some riders hate flanges, Sean loves em. That’s why we added super thick flanges to his signature Burns grips. Sean loves them so much that he adds a second flange for some old-school grip dounut vibes.

The legendary Burns stem holding those bars nice and tight even on the biggest drops and gap to wallrides. Sean rides his flipped so we made sure this stem looked fantastic either way up.

The toughest seat in the game. Burns swears by our OZ Pivotal seat for it’s super tough base and construction.

Big gearing. Burns was lucky to get his hands on an older 30t Tilt sprocket for more power and speed. Who thinks we should start producing 30t sprockets again`?

Burns with a classic kick out tooth on the new wheels.

Photos by Spencer McCabe.