We were stoked to have the Fakie god himself join us out in Montreal last week for our #EclatMountRoyal video. Sadly thing’s didn’t go according to plan, and Shane got hurt on the first day which put him out for most of the trip. We did however, get some time to chill and have some laughs, which is always a good time with Shane. We took some time out to take a look at Shane’s current rig, and ask him a few questions about what makes his bike tick (or in his case, not tick…).



Fork: eclat Coda 26mm

Bar: eclat Olive Bar 9.6″

Stem: eclat Burns

Headset: eclat Cargo

Grips: eclat ZAP VEX compound

Seat: eclat OZ Pivotal

Post: eclat Torch 230mm

Cranks: eclat SPIRE 170mm

BB: eclat MID 22mm

Pedals: eclat Slash

Sprocket: eclat RS 26t

Chain: eclat Diesel

Rims: eclat Mercury V2

Front Hub: eclat Blind front

Rear Hub: eclat Blind Freecoaster

Spokes: eclat Stainless

Tires: eclat Ridegstone 2.40″

Pegs: Eclat Venom pegs 4.5″ 

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So explain how the trip in Montreal went, you got injured on the first day right?

The Montreal trip was so good! I sadly got hurt the first day at the second spot and it KO’ed me the whole time. I accidentally stomped my left foot on a ledge bailing and wrecked the centre of my foot. I couldn’t walk right 50% of the trip and riding on it was the worst cause it was right where the pedal sat. But everyone killed and it was amazing seeing everyone! Miss all those guys already. 

This must be the least colourful bike you’ve had for a while, can we expect to see some wild coloured tires on that baby soon?

Haha, this is definitely my least favorite bike! Not because of the components at all, it’s just because the bike isn’t me. I’m loud and obnoxious and I like my bike to reflect it. Some coloured tires might help but I want it to be even stupider.


Oldest part on your bike right now?

I would say my sprocket!? But I’m not hard on it so its hard to kinda brag about it haha

One part you just cant live without?

Hmm part I couldn’t live without would be eclat SPIRE cranks. In the past I’ve never fully trusted other brand cranks because of horror stories, but I’ve never been scared of eclat cranks. Strongest things ever!

Burns recently explained to us why he hates fat tires. You on the other hand love them as big as they come, why is this?

I’m currently running 2.4 tires and there the biggest I’ve ever ridden. I love the stability you acquire with big tires. For my riding style it’s nice to grip the ground and know you’re not gonna slip our while pivoting on the back with spin moves. I usually run low pressure also so its a little mushy and softer!

You’re a rider who always seems to be working on something. Are you working on any new video parts right now?

I’m am currently building a edit for a new frame sponsor that I’m excited for! Cant say much but changes are coming. 

Look out for the full #EclatMountRoyal video coming soon. In the mean time, refresh your self with Shane’s recent eclat video from earlier last year…

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