We’re currently out in Chile with the crew and in between spot hunting and avoiding the riots,we thought we’d sit down with Stevie and take a look at his current setup. Stevie runs a full arsenal of our finest parts including the Venom Pegs, Maverick Cranks and the Polar Rims as well as his signature Fireball Tire in Forest Green and the new Stevie Fork. Here’s what Stevie is running on right now.


The Fireball Tire 2.40″ front and rear in Forrest Green. Stevie started work on his signature tire at a time when riders were already heavily into 2.4’s and everyone who rode street was understanding the benefits, especially if you like to hammer out big sets and feel a certain sturdy jolt as you land. Stevie threw out some patterned designs for the tread that would work well on street, help you roll faster and kept things simple at the same time.

IMG_2461 IMG_2462

Stevie runs our Zap grips which now use our VEX compound making them feel perfect from day one.

IMG_2470 IMG_2455

Stevie is always on the grind. Dynamic front hub with Nylon guards paired up with our infamous Venom pegs in 4.5″. Possibly the best grinding setup out there right now.

IMG_2458 IMG_2469IMG_2454

The Stevie Fork was built with strength in mind. Made out of full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo with fully CNCd steerer and butted fork blades, the Stevie Fork uses peg friendly invest cast dropouts and clearance for 2.40″ and larger tires. Stevie wanted the fork to be available for all riders so we offer the fork in two offsets, 26mm for technical street riding and a more traditional 32mm for all round riding. Stevie runs the 32mm option here.

IMG_2468 IMG_2460

Stevie has been running Eclat Cranks since way before he even got on the team. He’s been running the Maverick crank for over two years now and loves these things. Because the Mavericks are cold forged out of 7005 alloy, there are no welds to break, so they are literally indestructible.


More whip checks from the crew later this week. Follow the crew’s adventure in Chile on Instagram with #eclatchile.