Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, anyone who likes to geek out on the details of a seat, take note.


Since the pivotal mechanism got established so did a certain look to this type of seat, with most brands offering near identical designs. We wanted to build a stronger seat but also express a more assertive and considered aesthetic.



Our first decision was to move the pivotal base deeper into the seat so that it could not be seen from the side. From here we worked on a new internal rib construction that helped distribute load from heavy landings more evenly throughout the seat. From the outside this construction wasn’t going to be very pretty, so we needed to style it. We gave the seat base a carved technical look that reflected the construction that was going on inside. This also helped give the seat its unique technical and futuristic style.


The OZ seat is what we like to think of as a reflection of minimalism in the vast world of pivotal seats. While we love the idea of re-inventing parts, we also love to keep things simple. The OZ is made from 100% poly propylene, this years versions come in denim and kevlar too.

Stripped down, the OZ is basically a cool looking and simple pivotal seat, which as riders we all really value.




Want to know a bit more? Geek up on the specs? Visit the parts section now.