If you’re in the market for a lightweight, multi-surface tire with plenty of grip, then our team proven CTRL (Control) tire might be worth taking a closer look at. With many brands only focusing on the appearance of the tire, when designing the CTRL, we wanted to ensure that the tire was made from the right construction under the surface, so it would last a long time, and had the guts to cope with heavy riding day in and day out.


Far from just another tread pattern, the CTRL tire was designed form the ground up, and specifically for the rider that rides a variety of different surfaces and setups. Using a super high quality 120tpi construction, the tire has an enforced carcass that is designed to cope with the extreme stress and forces that get put through a BMX tire during a huge impacts such as hanging up on coping, or under rotating on a trick. The end result is a strong dependable tire, that is designed to survive and keep going, long after most tires would fail.


Blending tread design elements of some of our other tires, the CTRL is the perfect all round street and ramp tire. The micro knurled surfaced ensure that the tire grips on all surfaces. The offset sidewall contours create flawless traction when cornering ,while the wide directional tread in the middle helps give you incredible contact with the ground.


With a higher quality construction, the CTRL is a high pressure tire, and can be inflated all the way up to 110psi. We offer the tire in a modern, wider 2.30″ size, which is perfect for front or rear, but is also available in a slightly narrower 2.10″ option for riders who prefer a smaller, faster tire.


You can pick the CTRL tire up now at your local eclat dealer in Black or Grey with Black sidewall.