BMX is all about different tastes and preferences, and that’s why we offer a range of products to cater to as many rider’s needs as possible. A clean and simplistic looking hub set with the ultimate balance between strength and weight,  for those who would rather session a 7ft concrete bowl or a set of trails over a flatrail or a ledge, the Kolibri hubs might be what you’ve been looking for. 


The hub shells on the Kolibri hubs are CNC machined from 6061-T6 alloy with nice low flanges on both the front and the rear which actually match in size, giving the bike a more balanced look. We opted for a 14mm hollow bore hardened heat-treated crmo axle on the Kolibri Cassette hub, and a 10mm heat-treated male axle on the Kolibri Front hub which help reduce the overall hub size and weight, but still leave both hubs more than strong enough for peg abuse.



The Kolibri front hub features a simple, low and wide flange design made possible by using smaller diameter bearings, 2 on each side, and pressed deeper into the hubshell to prevent the bearing seats front being deformed. This ensures that your front hub rolls as good as it looks. A straight forward 10mm regular axle makes it incredibly light and great for rolling on and on and on…and on.


We used a simple 4 pawl cassette system on the rear with a super durable full bushing driver, again keeping it simple as can be. Both hubs uses CNC machined push-on cones with a smooth axle design which prevents damage to threads when the hub is installed. If you are looking to getting your hands a hassle free, straight forward, dialled in hub then the Kolibri cassette is probably going to serve you well.


For those asking for the weight, the front weighs a measly 8.55oz (243g) and the rear 15.5oz (439g). Not bad considering that these hubs are fully hubguard and peg compatible and were tested by some of the most brutal riders on the PRO team…

The Kolibri hubs are available now in black, red and high polished , with Gold available October 2016.

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