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Right from the start we knew that the signature stem for Nathan had to be something special. As a start Nathan had some interesting ideas to incorporate, and once we had settled on a toploader with a lower offset we then worked out the aesthetics. In order to give the stem a cleaner look we opted for a pinch clamp, so that the front side of the cap would meet flush with the stem body. We then worked out a way to sink the rear part of the cap into the stem body in such a way that it hid the bolts from view. This unique feature gives the stem a distinctive integrated look, and at the same time grips the bars with incredible force.

We were conscious that riders would want the option to run the stem flipped, so paid extra attention to the underside. For a start we used a slightly shorter bolt for the front holes, so that they didn’t poke through. Once the threads were cut for the front bolts it left an ugly jiggered edge to the holes. We thought it was worth the extra cost in CNC time to add a clearing cut into the holes in order to maintain a nice clean look.

The rhombus shape with radiused corners became a bit of a theme in the final details. We used it as the profile for a cut through the cap, and completely through the stem body, then as a sink on the underside.

Finally for that extra bit of weight reduction we used it in the sunken side pockets. At the rear of the stem we used our established offset clamping design that allows the stem an increased grip onto the fork. Then finally the finishing touches were added with laser-etched logos before and after anodizing. Without doubt the Nathan stem is one of the most detailed components we’ve ever made.

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6061-T6 alloy

black, blue, high polished

289g (10.19oz : 0.63lbs)