Pedals are often one of the most overlooked parts on your bike. Without them, your bike would cease to function entirely, and as one of the connecting parts between yourself and your ride, a perfect fit is essential. The Plaza Pedal came about after some of the team asked for a larger platform pedal with a wider concave surface for extra grip and support. We set to work on an entirely new and unique concept, and after a few weeks in the design room, the Plaza was born.


The Plaza is now one of our best selling products and when you take a closer look, it’s easy to see why Shane Weston, Geoff Slattery and Alex Kennedy swear by them.


The Plaza is considerably wider and longer than our original Surge PC pedal. The extra platform gives more room for your foot to grip to the pedal during whips and no footed tricks. We use a combination of hexagonal pins and an extra fine knurling, which allows your foot to lock into the pedal, no matter where it catches, or what angle it lands on the body.


Despite some riders liking a lower profile pedal, the slightly taller profile of the Plaza has been a big hit with riders who want the feel of having a taller bottom bracket height, which in turn makes for a more responsive ride.


The Plaza uses our own special injection moulded Nylon/Fibreglass compound, which is not only incredibly strong and resistant to shocks and big drops, but also slides really well and lasts a hell of a long time. Perfect for those of you who like to pedal or luc-e grind.


Paired up with a super tough heat treated chromoly spindle and a precision looseball bearing setup, the Plaza is both strong and durable whilst remaining affordable to all kinds of riders.


The Plaza Pedal is available now from Éclat Dealers worldwide.  You can pick them up now in Black, Red and Blue, with more colours dropping later this year…